The top ten excuses to give up on your goals

When you have big goals, you will know bringing them to life is hard work. Often it is easier to tell ourselves our goals are not achievable. Often we tell ourselves we should compromise.

If you have a goal you are finding difficult to move forward, here is a list of the best excuses you can use to give up… Of course, I have also added my thoughts to why you should never quit with these excuses.

1. My goals are unrealistic

Good! Being realistic is the fastest way to becoming average! Anybody who ever achieved anything of note was unrealistic… That is how progress is made. Congratulations, you have joined a very special club of people. People who can change the world around them!

2. I am not good enough

This is probably true… You might have some natural talent, but it will only take you so far. The only way ANYONE gets to be ‘good enough’ is hours and hours of practice. If you are not good enough right now, practise harder, longer and more consistently than ever before. Over time you WILL become good enough.

3. Other people will think I am stupid

woman-saying-no1Other people will ridicule you, laugh at you and tell you you can’t (they will even do this when you have achieved your goals!!). At the end of your life, will you measure success based on how bland and average you were or will you measure success on achieving your potential?

If you want to be bland, give up on goals now, don’t do anything worth any attention. If you want your life to be measured on what you contributed… Then you know you can’t quit.

4. I don’t know what to do

If this is your excuse, you are probably accurate. What the most successful people in the world do in this situation is simple. If they don’t know what to do, they find out! There are so many people out in the world who are living out your goals, find out what they did, copy them!

5. I will probably fail

Yep… this will most likely turn out to be correct. The bottom line is, people who achieve massive success have failed more times than you. The difference between success and failure is that the successful learn from failure. They recover from failure. They keep taking action until they they don’t fail, they take action until they win.

Failing is inseparable from success. You just have to choose how you will face failure… If you want to achieve your goals, then embrace failure, learn from it and become better from it.

6. I don’t have the time

“To busy is a myth. People make time for the things that are really important to them.”

Mandy Hale

This is simply not true. If you MUST do something, then you WILL do it. If you don’t have the time, it is because it is not a MUST… instead it is a SHOULD. The difference between must’s and should’s is the fracture between taking the action you need and letting other stuff get in the way.

If you don’t think you have the time ask yourself this “If someone put a gun to my head and told me I had to take action on my goals, would I find the time?”.

When things become a MUST, those things happen.

7. It is not perfect yet

This is just another way of saying “I will probably fail”. There is no perfect time, there is no perfect moment. You have to create the time, you have to create the moment. This will ultimately mean there is a risk of failure involved. Embrace it, learn from it and become better from it.

8. I don’t have the resources

pragmatic-resourceful-educator-life-skillsPlease refer back to excuse number 6, about MUST’s and SHOULD’s. You can generate and manifest more than you can imagine.

Please don’t take offence to the following question: If your closest loved one needed an operation in six months or they would die and it cost half a million dollars/pounds, would you raise the money?

Of course you would, you probably have no idea how, but you wouldn’t stop until you did it. Now take away the horrible situation. You have the capacity to raise half a million in six months! Don’t say you don’t have the resources!

9. I have already tried and it didn’t work

The difference between winners and losers is that winners keep on going until they win. Losers will try, fail and then stop. It is impossible to succeed without failing, winners know this! Losers don’t stick around to find out!

10. I need to earn a living, so can’t chase my goals just yet

Chasing your goals doesn’t mean you have to give up your job, just yet! Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, didn’t quit his place in Harvard until one year after Microsoft had become a world wide success! If chasing your dreams, while keeping your job is good enough for people like Bill Gates, it is good enough for you!

If you practise, practise and practise achieving your goals and keep on learning and getting better, after a few years you will be in the top 2% in the world at what you do.

There is a massive amount of money available for anyone who is in the top 2% in the world at what they do! Do what it takes to master your craft, be relentless and the money worries will dissipate… Then quit your job!

Bringing it all together

It is easy to tell ourselves we can’t achieve… But when you hear that voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough or you feel afraid of failing, tell yourself a different story, tell yourself you can. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Be Foolish… Become awesome!

We are surrounded by expectations about how we should behave, what success is and what it isn’t. We all view leadership and success as tremendously serious activities too, so we all have to act in a grown up and serious way. Most of us will spend our lives trying to meet these expectations, yet if we are honest and take a moment to think about it, we don’t really know who set these expectations in the first place… It’s just the way it is.

What if those expectations are wrong?

We all take it so seriously. Success is so important, we are scared of making mistakes and being seen as foolish.

What if being foolish is the path to success?

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Steve Jobs

Only a fool would lack good sense and judgement:

The opposite perspective of this is that wisdom is just a clever excuse for being cynical. The cynical never try anything new, because they already think they know everything and new things are doomed to failure. They will use their wisdom to find the excuse to keep on doing the same thing they have always done.

Fools will try the original and don’t know something can’t be done.

That is how we can change the world, by doing what can’t be done!

Only a fool would see the world with wonder and curious eyes:

Fools will see opportunity in everything, will be grateful for the world around them and see everything as positive. Imagine if you could see the positive in everything in your life. If you could see the opportunity in everything, the possibilities that become available to you will be endless.

Only a fool would make loads of mistakes and risk failure:

As sensible people we all know that failing does not equal success and we will do what it takes to avoid failure at any cost. The unfortunate truth is, this will make us play safe. The foolish will risk failure, they will reach high and they will learn from their mistakes along the way.
To achieve anything of significance, you will have to risk failure and sometimes you will have to accept failure… as long as you keep on learning and taking action, you can achieve the truly significant.

Only a fool would work hard even when the objective isn’t clear:

We are told it is important to have crystal clear goals. SMART objectives are everywhere. Why on earth would anyone work hard when we don’t know the outcome? Fools just work hard at everything they do. They know that total control is just an illusion and because of this they discover opportunities that would be unavailable to those with ridged plans.

Only a fool would seek out fear:



Nobody likes fear, it’s not fun and it is scary. The foolish realise that facing fear, being comfortable with fear is the number one catalyst for personal growth. Be foolish and reach your potential or play it safe and become mediocre.



Only a fool would not worry about the past or the future:

We spend so much time worrying about the past and planning for the future, we forget about the only real thing we have… this very moment! Yes, it is important to learn lessons from the past and have dreams for the future, but we shouldn’t spend all of our time in either time zone!

The foolish enjoy the here and now. The present is reality, it is precious and you only have now to enjoy it. Grasp it, use it and be grateful for it. You can achieve so much if you only take action right now.

Putting it all together:

The world will tell you to grow-up, be serious and follow the script, don’t fall for that!!

How you live your life will determine the quality of your life – Learn as much as you can and don’t be afraid to be foolish!!

4 strategies to bounce back from failure

This is a video I have created,  about some of the strategies I have used when I feel negative, rejected or a down right failure!

These approaches and techniques have been critical in enabling me to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back to fighting for my goals… Quickly and powerfully!

Hopefully, this advice can help you if you ever feel low:

Your team can perform better than you. No matter how smart you think you are.

I was fortunate to consult with a company recently which, over the last few years, made some bad decisions that had unfortunately produced poor results.

In fact, these decisions resulted in lower sales performances, lower profit conversion, lower team engagement and lower customer service standards than at any point in their history.

Yet, when I reviewed this with the directors of the company, they never challenged the ideas of Managing Director. The whole senior leadership team created a list of blame factors that resulted in underperformance. However, non of these factors implicated the MD’s or their bad decisions.


This culture had also spread like a contagious disease through every level of the company. Everyone agreed and complied with their manager, without question or genuine challenge.

Isaac-Cordal-Street-Art-artistFor anyone looking at this company from the outside, it was obvious that generating this culture became a devastating illness. The people within the company lost their voice, therefore lost their engagement, which ultimately resulted in significantly lower performance.



Not one person is brighter, smarter or more aware, than a team of people who are all working towards the same goal and who are able to challenge for the common good.

“What great individuals cannot accomplish on their own, can be achieved by a high performance team”

Phil Bryson

A “Yes” culture should be avoided at all costs… It will erode your teams performance, sometimes forever. I had the opportunity to share a story, with this MD, about how I had encountered a “Yes” culture in my career, which allowed him to think a little differently.

I would like to share this story with you now, maybe it will make you think differently about your leadership situation.

About fifteen years ago I secured a leadership role in an exciting brand, but the team that I inherited had previously worked in a culture of saying “Yes” to their leader without question or input.

They didn’t think for themselves and they expected to be told what to do, all of the time.

This created a massive problem for me. I was new to the company and I didn’t have the knowledge of the intricate workings of the business.

Therefore I had two options:

A. Learn everything in the business really quickly, then create brilliant ideas on how to perform better and then tell my team what to do… step by step.

B. Assume that my team, on the whole, had the capability and knowledge to perform, (as they had performed well over the previous two years) then trust and empower them.

I decided to go for option B.

Firstly I replaced the ‘To-do’ lists with a team vision. I explained to my team how we would be in the future and what we would achieve in the future. I made it bright, I made it bold and I made it something that I personally believed in.

I then asked my team “How should we achieve this vision?”. Rather than telling my team what to do, step by step, I instead gave an intention on our destination.

Our team vision became to deliver world-class customer service. My team then told me how we would achieve this.

My team changed from a group of people who waited to be told what to do, to a team of people who decided what to do for the best interests of the vision. The ownership of decision making switched to them.

Once my team took the ownership, they started thinking for themselves, they became more engaged, they felt more valued and they became more productive.


Then the obvious happened…

My team were a group of two hundred capable people, who were focused, connected to each other and acted as decision makers.

The other teams in the company had one leader telling two hundred people what to do and when.

It doesn’t matter how creative, intelligent and smart the other leaders were. My team was two hundred times more creative, motivated, pro-active and intelligent… My team became unstoppable!

My team then out-performed every other team on every measure within the company – We had the best customer experience scores ever, the highest engagement scores and grew year-on-year profit more than any other team in the company. Ever.

The lesson I learnt was that a leader’s job is to move the decision making to where it needs to be… and that is never just with one person while everyone else follows without question.

Leadership is not about commanding and controlling followers – Leadership is about giving control and creating leaders.

What if?

What if you could change your life?

What if you could decide to be happy?

What if you could be the person you want to be?

What if you could choose love instead of fear?

What if you knew you were put on this planet for a reason?

What if giving to others made you feel amazing?

What if trusting others allowed you feel trusted?

What if you helped someone in need today?

What if you are not alone?

What if you could inspire someone?

What if you lived every moment to the fullest?

What if the only thing that is stopping you, is you?

What if your past didn’t effect your future?

What if you have a choice?

What if you deserve more?

What if you can be more?

What if you made more time for yourself?

What if you improved 1% everyday?

What if you focused completely on the things that are important to you?

What if you were capable of truly amazing things?

What if your failures only happened to make you more equipped for your successes?

What if you could live your dreams?

What if all you had to do was decide and then keep taking action until you won?

What if you knew you only had one life – Would you chase your dreams or would you compromise?

Never let a “What if” become a regret… Make them a reality.

What do great Leaders actually do?

Leadership is one of the most complex and commonly debated topics in the business and management world today. Everyone has an opinion on what makes leadership and everyone will defend these opinions fiercely.

The fact is, leadership is highly desirable. We all know true leadership can change businesses, industries and the world.

The problem is we can’t all agree on what makes a great leader. The best leaders in the world, any leader for that matter, are all different and that is why we find it so hard to formalise what a leader should do.

Formula for SuccessI think the reason we find it so hard to formalise leadership is because it is not about the leader. Instead it is all about followers.

Followers choose to follow… they cannot be told or forced… They choose.

A leader only becomes a leader if they have followers who have chosen to do so. Without followers, you are not a leader. This is why leadership doesn’t have strict rules or a formula.

Different followers will follow different types of leaders, so the only thing you can do, is be the best version of yourself and if followers choose to follow, then you are a leader…


What do followers want?


I can only answer this question from my own point of view and I am keen to learn what YOU think, so please comment below! Here are five attributes that I believe the very best leaders display in abundance:


The best leaders I have ever worked with had a clear personal purpose or vision of who they were and what they stood for. They communicated this purpose as often as possible. If the leader had a purpose that linked closely with my values and beliefs, then I would instantly feel a deep connection and follow this leader with my heart and soul.


A leader I know and one I am inspired by, is brilliant at recruiting people who shared the same values and beliefs as he did. As a follower this was a fantastic experience. Being a part of a team who all had a common goal, not because they were told to, but because they wanted to created a huge amount of energy, passion and creativity. I can honestly say that a leader who surrounds themselves with the people who believe in their vision, pushed my performance and results higher than I could have imagined at the time.

Walk the talk

Simon Sinek articulated this beautifully when he described ‘The celery test’ in his book ‘Start with why’. Those leaders who walk the talk, who stand up for their values and will never compromise on those values to get a quick result. These are the type of leaders I love working for, I know they are authentic and I know they will have my back. As a follower I feel trusted, so I give all of my trust freely to them.
Trust – The best leaders I have ever followed have always ensured that I had the skills and capability to do the task in hand and then allowed me to complete that task in my own way. In simple terms they trained, coached, supported and allowed autonomy. The power of supporting people when they need skills and capability and getting out of the way of those same people to allow creativity and ownership is significant. As a follower I don’t want to feel out of my depth and unsupported, yet I also don’t want to feel as though I am being dictated to or controlled. The leaders that have found that balance, I have followed most passionately.


Encourage and Value

A really simple idea. As a follower I like to know that I am adding value, doing a good job and my behaviours are positive. These factors, being rewarded with encouragement and praise, really boost my confidence and drive me to perform even better. However as a follower this needs to be conducted in an authentic and personal way to get the best out of me, so by that I mean it is not about incentives and bonuses… Don’t get me wrong more money and prizes were nice, but they never made me work harder or inspired me like genuine encouragement would.

Those were the five attributes that I believe the very best leaders display in abundance, what do you think should be in this list? Please comment below! 

STOP wasting 30 days a year!

I was recently given feedback that I wasn’t ‘present’ while playing with my kids. I was there physically, but apparently I spent half my time looking at my phone. I didn’t even notice I was doing it, but one thing is for sure, my children deserved more from me.

It’s not just my fault though… The current social narrative is that we live in a time that is more connected than ever before. Technology gives us more, faster and life is better… or so the story goes.

The narrative we are told doesn’t tell the whole story…

It’s true we have more connections than ever before. Just look at the average number of ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ we have on social media. I myself have over 1500 connections on LinkedIn and a different 1500 on Twitter.

However, even though our ability to connect is greater than ever before, our true deep connections are being diluted and degraded by our addiction with staring at the screens of phones, laptops, TV’s and tablets. This addiction of being ‘plugged in’ paradoxically impacts our ability to connect with the present moment, to be fully immersed in the beauty of now and to deeply connect with the people physically around us.

You will have seen it yourself… In restaurants, coffee shops and other social events. Couples, families, maybe even you, rather than connecting with each other in the moment, they have their faces glued to their phone screens… together, but separate.


If you are interested in living a fulfilled life, that is energised and joyous, then the simple truth is, our addiction to technology and social media is like a virus eating away at our chances of happiness. I promise you… at the end of your life you won’t say “I wish I had just spent more time on Facebook”.

“Technology is nothing. What is important is that you have faith in people. That they are basically good and smart, and if you give them the tools they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

Steve Jobs

Are you addicted?

Do you look at your phone/social media as soon as you wake up? Do you have your phone within arms reach at all times? Do you look on social media more than 3 times per day?

You’re addicted.

The average person, in the western world, watches TV 3 hours per day – In the USA it’s over 4 hours per day… That is just watching TV!  We haven’t even added the time spent on useless emails, internet or social media!!

If YOU use technology less than the average westerner and your TV, internet, social media etc usage is only 2 hours per day, how much time are you losing that could be spent on doing something amazing? How much time would you have to connect deeply with those you love? How much time would you have to be present and enjoy the here and now?

Well, for a start it’s 14 hours per week.

Or an extra full 2.5 days per month.

Or an extra 30 days a year!

How about over a life-time? Over 65 years you would get 47320 hours… that’s 1971 days…
That is five and a half years… 24 hours everyday, 7 days a week, for five and a half years!!!

Just imagine what you could achieve with your relationships, with your goals, with your life…

Don’t ever tell yourself you don’t have the time and please don’t get to the end of your life and wish you had connected more deeply with the people you love. Don’t wish you had spent more time enjoying the present moment, don’t wish you didn’t have the time to chase your dreams.

Don’t let your addiction to technology ruin your life.


I am going to commit to change and I invite you to join me in the battle to make our lives amazing.

Together, we can commit to removing all technology from your life for 2 hours everyday – no phones, no games, no TV, no screens of any kind. Just you and real life.

The only rules are no technology and no sleeping during the 2 hour amnesty!

Do it everyday for a month, so you will get 2.5 days extra to do something that matters to you. Tell people you love them, learn new skills or contribute a little more, it’s up to you.

Make a significant difference in your life. I will report back in 30 days to share what I managed to achieve… I hope you will too.

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You become like those you spend most time with – Choose wisely!


I remember being in an interview for a company that I wasn’t convinced I should join. During the interview, as is customary, I had the opportunity to ask some questions.

I asked “What is the best thing about working for this company?” I was struck deeply with the answer and I was determined to work for this company.

The answer I received was “I have never worked with a senior leadership team that stretches, challenges and inspires me as much as the team here. If you are serious about becoming a world-class leader, then surround yourself with people who are already world-class”.

The moral of the story

Right now you are living and working to the level of those you are in proximity too. You will pick up and take on the habits, attitudes and focuses of those around you. This means you have to be extremely careful who you choose to spend your time with.

Did you choose who you will become? Is the contribution you will make to this world what you first dreamed of, when you had the freedom to dream? Or have you allowed the people around you to decide for you?

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher”

Oprah Winfrey

Most people don’t think like you

When you do choose who you will become, align yourself with the people who are already the masters of what you want to be great at. Learn from them, grow with them, let them contribute to your development.

Align yourself with people who think like you… who have a purpose like you… who dream like you.

Most people don’t live their purpose anymore, they don’t dream anymore. Most people will complain and moan about how hard life is, while compromising their talents and dreams for other people’s agendas.

The fact that you are reading this means you are already a high-performer. You want more, you know there must be more. You have passion, purpose and vision.

Now you have to live it… This takes drive, persistence, hard-work and resilience. The biggest enemy is within the story we tell ourselves. This is why it is vital to align with people who believe what you believe. We all need help, we all need support… surround yourself with the very best you can!

The future is unlimited for you


Why can’t you achieve your dreams? The past doesn’t equal the future. Let the past go. If you are not living the life of your dreams, then change your life!

The action you take today is the defining factor. You cannot do anything about the past, but you can do everything about now.

If you want to improve, then you have to do something different. If you don’t change you will just keep on getting the same results you have always had… You are the star of your life… make your life a hit!

Ask yourself “Who do you want to be?”

Then surround yourself with people like this – challenge yourself – grow – learn – bring out the best in you.

Take the risk to be your best.

Has the shit ever hit the fan in your life?

Have you ever gone for something and it’s not worked out? A promotion? Pay rise? Something else?

It happens to us all… It has happened to me more than most! The fact of the matter is that shit happens in everyone’s lives, EVERYONE’S…  Our lives will always have obstacles,will always have challenges and will always have people who tell us that we can’t be who we want to be.

If these things happen to us all, why do we think it is unique to us individually? How is it that when most of us experience these moments, we feel like the world is against us? We feel like giving up? We feel like it is impossible to succeed?

What if we decided to think differently?

What if we decided to perceive the obstacles and challenges in our lives differently?

What if we knew that the bad things that happen aren’t actually bad? What if we knew those challenges are here to help us?

The research shows that the difference between the people who thrive in life and those that struggle, is all about mindset. Most people when they hit a road-block, will quit, moan, blame and give-up. The people who thrive think different… They embrace, encourage and engage when challenged.

How do they do that?

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.”Wade Boggs


It’s the starting point… how you see life and how you perceive problems, will define everything in your life. If you decide that problems are in your life so that you can overcome them, then that mindset will define your actions positively.

The problems in your life take on a whole new perspective, suddenly the world isn’t against you, instead it is providing an opportunity for you to develop. Suddenly something that was negative, can be exciting.


The action you take will be absolutely determined and decided by your perception. If the world is against you and it’s impossible to succeed, then your actions will mirror that. If the problem you face is a great opportunity to grow, progress and learn… then your actions are going to be very different and much more positive.



There will always be stuff in your life that you can’t control… have the strength to let it go and move forward with the things you can control. The ability to identify what is out of your control, to remove emotional attachment from it and then to take action on what is in your control, is vital.

The worst possible thing you can do, to waste time, is by spending your time trying to influence factors that are completely out of your control. The inner-strength to move on without holding negativity takes practise, but is available to us all.


That advice sounds reasonable, but can’t be that easy!

The bottom line is, it’s as easy or as hard as you decide it will be. It’s all a choice… how you perceive life and how you perceive problems. Will you thrive or just survive? It is all your choice.

Think about what stops you when problems arrive at your door:

Fear of failure?
Lack of motivation?
This always happens to me?

No matter what, it is your decision… fear? You decide… motivation? You decide… problems or opportunities? You decide.

Take accountability… decide to have the positive perception, the positive action and the powerful inner-strength.

I know this to be true because I have had dark times in my life, where I believed that the world was against me, that I was a failure and I couldn’t do it. It hurts me to say, but I crumbled in life.

I was lonely, negative and hopeless. I made bad decisions. I smoked, drank and ate to excess… being 3 stone overweight, smoking 40 cigarettes a day and 2 bottles of whiskey a week isn’t good for anyone!

At work, I took corporate roles I thought I had to, in order to show willing and progress within the company.. working in environments on tasks that ate at my soul.

I decided to live like this… I decided that this was the way to live my life… I decided that the problems I faced where insurmountable.

I wasn’t pursuing my dream… I didn’t even know what my dream was! I was just focused on my problems and filling the gap of fulfilment with smoke, alcohol and excessive eating!

Then I decided to change my mindset… I decided on who I wanted to be and what I must achieve. I focused on why I wanted this and what it would mean to me. I re-programmed my mind to ask different questions, to think differently about my problems.

Since then I have given up smoking and drinking. I now eat healthy and exercise. I am proud to say, I am also at a healthy body weight! Not only that, I changed my work life and now focus on 1-1 peak performance coaching, delivering seminars, writing books and developing training materials. I do all this so that hopefully I can support people around the world to become better leaders and improve the quality of their lives.

I am not telling you this to brag… I’m telling you this to allow you to see that you can change your mindset, you can change your life… If I can do it, you can too!

Living an exceptional life doesn’t happen by accident… there are lots of strategies, approaches and perceptions that will help… however it always starts with your choices.

When life throws challenges your way… how will you react?

Six Ways I Upgraded My Performance

Have you ever wondered how some people, no matter what they do, perform at an amazingly high level?

How do they seem to have so much energy, zest, passion and abundance in their lives?

This question has been an obsession of mine for years… What is it that they know and focus on, to achieve so much?

Below are the ‘secrets’ of the ultra successful, that I have discovered over the years… what the ultra successful choose to focus on, what they choose to give their attention to, what they choose to master and how they convince the surrounding world to support them!

However, I feel like a fraud when I say ‘secrets’… They are not secrets at all. They are common sense and we all know the six factors below will improve our performance. The main difference I have discovered is the ultra successful focus and complete these ‘secrets’ everyday. It is a MUST for them.

For the rest of us it is a SHOULD.

We all have an opportunity to grow and become more… and no matter what point you are at in your life right now, these factors can amplify your performance right now!

The best and biggest achievements in our lives come from within us… focus on the right things, master the right things and an exceptional life is in our grasp! Turn your SHOULD’s into MUST’s!

The best way to make these factors a MUST is to pro-actively focus on them every single day. If you are interested in transforming your life then at the end of this blog post is an opportunity to get a FREE PDF that can be emailed to you with the Six Ways to Upgrade Your Performance described below.

Why / Vision


A true understanding of why you do what you do, provides a sense of direction, clarity and purpose to how you live your life… the more clarity you have about who you are and the purpose of your life, the more chance you have of it becoming a reality! There are a number of ways to understand your why in more depth, however for today the activity is simple:

Think of the 3 most important words that describe how you would like to approach life.

Now think of 3 words that you would most like other people to say about you after spending time with you.

These 6 words describe a version of you that is inspirational… the person you want to be.

Ask yourself this question everyday “Am I living my highest self?”

Ask yourself if you are proactively demonstrating those 6 words you have chosen… This keeps you focused on the person you want to be… keeps you focused on your purpose in life, to be that person. Once you are focused on something, you can make it happen… focus on your highest self!



What I mean by this is to invest yourself in the moment… not focusing on the past, not thinking about the future, not being distracted by non-important things… investing yourself into NOW!

Your body, your mind, your focus all here NOW… razor sharp, energised and pumped in this very moment.

The number one difference between those who live an exceptional life and those that don’t are those who can be present 100% when it matters… In that coaching session… In the presentation… when striking that deal… when listening to your children read… when talking to your loved one about their day…

They are there totally and completely, in the moment and fully focused… They are not checking facebook or email… they are not daydreaming or admiring the view… they are not thinking of that last meeting or the report they have to write later… They are invested in the moment of now.

You know when this happens… you can feel it. Especially when people lose focus in the moment… it’s obvious and it happens a lot… When people give 100% focus and attention, so much more can be achieved, created and delivered!

Ask yourself everyday “What level am I, on a scale of 1 to 10, in my presence right now?”



This isn’t about getting through “to do lists”… This is about putting attention on the areas that will progress your life dramatically. This is about putting your attention on the important rather than the urgent.

We tend to live our lives today being busy… really busy. How much of our time we give to ourselves takes a back seat and other people’s agenda’s come first… That is just wrong!

Take back what you focus on… Focus on the important. The old saying is true… 20% of the actions on our to-do list, will achieve 80% of the results desired.

DO THAT STUFF! I know it sounds simple… and it is… It’s about not losing sight of who you are and what your purpose is and then putting your attention… your full attention on the things that matter!

Ask yourself everyday “What is my mission today?”

This will challenge you to think about the important aspects that need your attention.

You just then need to commit your attention!

Communication with influence


Those people who change businesses, mobilise communities, accelerate people’s growth,… all influence in similar ways… They challenge what is the conventional norm and they communicate with massive enthusiasm!

Being courageous in presenting your thoughts is vital to stimulate those around you. To create discussion, to enable imagination, to encourage creativity and to allow others to think differently.

All of which are needed to generate real and lasting change!

Being enthusiastic in communication is contagious… Your enthusiasm spreads to others… it creates energy… it creates passion… it creates momentum. Again all important aspects in leveraging change and influence!

Ask yourself everyday “Am I demonstrating daring enthusiasm?”



It is hard to achieve anything when tired and fatigued.. Especially when you want to be that person who is full of natural vibrance, energy, passion and vigour!

The simple and obvious truth is, if you want more zest and to feel more energised, then you have to eat well, drink lots of water, do exercise and sleep enough!

There isn’t a magical secret recipe here… it’s common sense. The highest performing people in the world know this and so do you… It is all about if it is a SHOULD or a MUST in your life…

There is lots of great advice about how to optimise your physiology, however let’s start small and keep it simple. Sleeping correctly (about 6-7 hours) and drinking enough water is key to having more energy and being more alert, so…

Ask yourself everyday “Have I slept my 7 hours and am I hydrated?”

If these are the only things you do, it will boost your energy levels dramatically… Of course there are other factors to feeling physically great, please invest in these… Feeling physically fantastic is the platform for doing exceptional things!

Contribution and Adding Value


The reason for living is giving… To feel completely fulfilled the act of being more, giving more, being a part of something more… fills you up much more than any personal achievement.

I think we all know, deep inside, that giving back is massively important and will add more to our lives when we do… the great news is this doesn’t mean you have to do some grand gesture for charity to feel fulfilled (however if you can, then please do!)

You can give back every day.

Ask yourself everyday “How can I serve greatly?”

Asking this will allow you to get outside of yourself… think differently… add more abundance

More fulfilment, more life, more passion, more love, more meaning – An exceptional life.
Ask yourself these six questions everyday and become the best you can be!

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Don’t Quit, Even When It All Goes Bad

How can we keep our vision and purpose alive when everything goes to crap? When the going gets tough? When we have no support? When we get rejected? When we get laughed at? When circumstances change against us? When our dream seems so far away from reality, it’s hard to believe it could ever be achieved?

It is a fact, that EVERYONE you believe has achieved success in their lives, has had tough times, has been rejected, has lost, has been told they are not good enough… To achieve massive success you have to get through those challenges… It is the price of success!

In my career I have had struggles… probably more than most, I seem to proactively seek challenge and adversity in my life! From being rejected from jobs, being made redundant… to being told my biggest strengths should be toned down… I have been told that I shouldn’t communicate with the passion and purpose I do…. Recently I have been laughed at, criticised and told I am not good enough to write post’s like this…

Yet I still have my dreams… I still work towards my purpose… harder and more focused than ever. This is because I feel the adversity is there to prepare me, to grow me, to make me the person I want to become.

Here are the facts – Hard times will come… You will struggle… Sometimes you will fail… Other people will criticise and say you can’t.

These things will happen… These things also have zero relevance to you being able to live an exceptional life and becoming the person of your dreams!

How you define struggle and tough times will ultimately determine if you give up on your dreams or if you push through.

Struggle is good – To be the person of your dreams takes a lot of work! It takes more to become more!

Embrace this truth – Success is not easy… it is not owed to you… it is not given out… Success, massive success can be achieved by you once you decide nothing will stop you, no matter what barriers present themselves.

“It ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward – Rocky Balboa

Here are four approaches that I try to stick to that help me to keep moving towards my goals, if you sometimes struggle to keep working towards your goals, maybe they can help you too:

Visualise to materialise

This is obvious and you have probably heard this before, but do you do it? See, feel, hear, touch, taste, understand and live though the moments you want to achieve.

Don’t just visualise the magic moments though… It is good and useful to imagine and visualise the winning post, the fanfare and all those amazing feelings you will get once you achieve your dreams

HOWEVER… Don’t forget to visualise the tough times too and even more importantly how you will grow, focus and drive through these tough times! Visualisation is about preparation… prepare for the whole journey rather than just the end goal.

A good example is a marathon runner… visualising the finish line is important and positive… it is also equally important to visualise the 13 mile mark and how you pull on your inner strength to push through the pain barrier! Can you see how the runner who visualised the whole journey is better prepared for the whole run?

This is solid advice that you have probably been aware of before now… Now is the time to start practising it! Spend some time visualising your purpose, your exceptional life… visualise the whole journey – the struggles, the knock-backs, the pain and visualise how you will overcome them, how you will make your decisions and how you will boost your energy and passion in these tough times AND then visualise every detail of how amazing your life will be when you get there…!

Research your vision!

In this day and age, the majority of people tend to be lazy in regards to finding out how to make their dreams a reality. If you honestly, truly must achieve your exceptional life, then learn how to get it!

Whatever you want in your life, there are people who have achieved what you want – there are literally blueprints to create your exceptional life! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Research those who have achieved what you want and role model there behaviours/strategies!

This isn’t about reading one book or the odd blog post – this is reading every book you can find on the topic – every blog you can find too – watch videos – go to seminars – interview the people who have been successful at what you want to become.

The more you fill your mind with the strategies of those you deem successful, the more you will understand how to create your own exceptional life! You can effectively stand on the shoulders of giants and propel yourself to the next level in your life!

Take action everyday!

If you take actions towards your dreams each and everyday, you will get a little bit closer each time… over the course of time, those little steps will turn into significant strides.
An example is writing a book – If you wrote one paragraph everyday, then you would be significantly closer to having written your book a year later – agree?

It is a basic equation – take action towards your dreams everyday = progress towards achieving your dreams!

If you can take action everyday… even just small action… even when the times get tough… you will get closer to achieving your dreams, than if you don’t take any action at all.
So… contribute everyday, take action everyday, focus on your dreams everyday… You will make your dreams a reality!

Build a feedback network around you

It’s a great idea to test your ideas and get feedback before you takeaway the safety net… Having a network that provides feedback before you take action in the real world, is beneficial… Getting feedback on the actions you will take can make you more productive, more self-aware and more focused on the actions that will make the most difference.
The key factor is that you must control who this feedback network is… choose the people you trust to be honest, the people who have your progress as their focus, rather than any other agenda.

You will have enough rejection and people who produce barriers for their own gains in your journey… you don’t need these people in your feedback network.


The only person who makes your dreams a reality is you!

I gave up on my dreams earlier in my life – I lost myself, I lost my hope, I just waded through life – hoping I would stumble on the “real me” one day, I let unimportant peoples’ opinions become me… DON’T DO IT!

It is a waste of time and a waste of life… living an exceptional life is something you choose… you have to fight for it, you have to work hard… it is worth it, I promise you!
The person of your dreams is already here – You have total access to that person now!

Don’t give up on your purpose, even when it’s tough.