Become free of the limitations you create

Joy and energy are items that can be attained – they are powers that are always inside you. The trick is finding out how to unlock these powers.

When you do, it will transform your life forever.

However, this is not a simple process. You will have to be prepared to look within yourself and work to release all the blocks and barriers that you have created throughout your life.

It is worth it though, because when you do, you and can experience absolute joy and fulfilment.

If you desire ultimate joy and freedom, then you will need to break down the following barriers:


Fear gets in the way of your dreams and goals.

You have to identify your deepest fears and then clearly surrender them. They do not serve you and your fear is a choice. Let go of fear.


What do you blame yourself for?

You have to accept the reality that these things happen. You cannot let guilt cloud and poison your life. You cannot change the past and if you genuinely want to be a positive influence on the world – you have to forgive yourself.


How have you let yourself down? What mistakes have you made?

It is vital that you accept and allow all aspects of yourself – even the mistakes and disappointments. Understand them, learn from them, then let go of them… they do not define you now.


Lay all of your grief out in front of you – in whichever form it takes.

Realise that love never leaves… never. You have to allow the pain to float away and re-birth love.

Love never leaves, it just changes form – allow this.


Be honest – what are the lies you tell yourself? What are the rules of life you create to protect yourself?

It is important to embrace your own nature and be happy in your own skin. You are imperfect, but that is okay – you don’t have to hide away or put on a mask – embrace the authentic you.


We are all connected, but often we see through divided eyes. Open your eyes and recognise that we are all the same – we all struggle.

When you can truly see we are all one life, you can understand others’ struggles, you won’t judge and you will be able to forgive – because you will see yourself in everyone.

Putting it all together

You have the power to live a life of ultimate joy and happiness – it is within you. Look deep within, release the barriers and become the best version of you.

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Why transforming your life is so damn difficult!

Every one of us, at some point in our lives, have wanted to change… To transform our lives and ourselves. Some of us are on that path for a lifetime…

Do you want to change your life right now?

If you desire more in your life, if you deserve more from yourself, then you are on a journey… Along that journey you will face adversity in many forms – Below are a list of the biggest challenges I have faced on my journey… and ones you will most likely face on yours. All can be overcome – if you are prepared for what you will face, you will be ready and able to fight through!


“It is how we embrace uncertainty in our lives, that leads to the great transformation of our souls.”

Brandon Trean

When you first embark on this journey to transform your life – Those first steps will be frightening as you are moving into the unknown – you will have no idea what will happen.

None of us can control the future and stepping into the unknown is absolutely terrifying, no matter who you are. You can find solace in the fact, we will never be sure of our final destination. But what we can be sure of is the direction we steer ourselves each day. Take action towards your long-term goal and trust yourself… If you get blown off course, then adjust your steering back towards your goal.

Other people

The world has people who will tell you you can’t transform your life. These people will laugh and make fun, they won’t support you and they will think that you are foolish for wanting more.

Always remember these two things about this type of person:

bullying_by_zimsgirl123-d4bn9i51. They are the minority. Most people are kind and supportive. However, it probably won’t feel like it, because the haters in this world tend to be a lot louder than everyone else! That noise they make… it’s just hot air.

2. When people make fun of you for chasing big dreams and working to transform your life, it is because they are hurting. They have already given up on their dreams and the fact that you won’t give up, illuminates their own deficiencies to them… and that hurts, so they lash out.

The bottom line is, nobody can tell you that you can’t.

If you want it desperately enough, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Let the people who have already quit on their lives, say what they want… You determine your life, nobody else.


Showing vulnerability was, for me personally, one of the most petrifying things I have ever done.

When you share your hopes, dreams and values it will feel nerve-racking and dangerous. This is because things that are most important to you are also heavily protected by you. Putting your authentic self on display takes real bravery – bravery that is necessary if you are to ever get the life you desire.

What I can share with you is that once you pluck up the courage to show vulnerability, the feelings you get back are amazing, joyful and empowering.

It is hard work

do-you-know-the-real-value-of-hard-workReal change means you have to learn and grow.

There is one universal truth about learning and growth – Along the way there will be failures, rejections, personal sacrifice and you will require bucket loads of determination.

Of course transforming your life comes with positive factors… Like living the life of your dreams.

But you already know this – that’s why you push for more – that’s why you read blog posts like this.

When you live your life as the best version of you… life takes on a whole new dimension of success and fulfilment. Living your dream is possible, just be ready for the challenges on the way.