Imagine a world where the work you do is fulfilling, enjoyable and makes a valuable contribution.


Imagine a world where the work you do is fulfilling, enjoyable and makes a valuable contribution.

We all want to work in a place like that… and if you’re a leader, so do your followers.

Working isn’t just about getting paid… it should be so much more than that!

With a little thought and determination, This is possible… for you.

It is important to understand that pretty much every job you will ever do will have three separate work types within it… Bad work, good work and great work.

What you have to do is identify which tasks fall into each section and then ensure you appropriately distribute your time, to allow for more great work.

Bad Work

bad-habits-at-work-you-dont-know-you-haveThis is the pain in the arse, boring, life-sucking tasks your job involves. You know what I am talking about. The stuff that you have to do, which doesn’t appear to have any redeeming qualities or add any value to anything!

It’s the red-tape… The administration… The things that are in your job that are designed to keep you busy.

Good Work

This is pretty much your job description – The day to day tasks that enable your role to be productive. These are the tasks that are directly linked to objectives you have and enable you to make progress towards them.

If all you ever do is your job description, you will be doing good work… But not fulfilling work… 

Great Work

This is value added tasks and responsibilities. This type of work won’t be in most standard job descriptions as it is way over and above the basic expectations of the job.

find-the-right-job-today-300x199This is the type of work that is autonomous, creative, has real impact and contributes to the growth and development of you and those surrounding you. It makes your hair stand on end, it gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing… It generates long term value to your company and your people.

99.9% of the world’s population want to make a positive contribution. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. A job description isn’t thatGreat work is.

Ask yourself, “If I could do anything to radically improve the performance of myself and the people around me, what would I do?”

And in the answer, you have great work.

In Summary

Identify what tasks in your job are in each section – Bad work, good work and great work.

Pro-actively reduce the amount of time you spend in bad work (I know it might be red tape that needs to be done, but does that honestly mean you have to spend your quality time there? No… Do it, do it quickly and don’t let it take more energy than it deserves!)

Do your good work… This needs to be done to do a good job!

Create time and opportunities to partake in great work – Make it a priority. If you do your performance will rise, your wellbeing will improve and the value you add will be a powerful contribution to those around you.

If you are a leader… Just take a moment to think about your followers. How much  bad, good and great work do they have?

As a leader it is your responsibility to allow the environment for great work for your team – more great work will equal more innovation, creativity & productivity, which in turn equals ultimately better results.

Most leaders don’t know what a strategy is… do you?

In my role as a performance coach and a motivational speaker, I am lucky to get to work with a lots of different individuals and companies.

Many talk to me about their strategies… Most… unfortunately don’t actually have a strategy… or even know what one is.

In my experience, I think that the term “strategy” is used in most businesses just to make things sound more important, rather than being genuine strategic measures – instead of a ‘project meeting’ we will have a ‘strategic project meeting’… sounds much more sophisticated and business like!

Most leaders tend to have a clear goal or vision, but instead of a strategy, they end up just listing off a bunch of actions to achieve the goal… A bunch of actions does NOT make a strategy.

As Alistair Campbell states in his book ‘Winners’ – For any vision to work long-term, it is essential to have a strategy. In very simple terms a strategy is the ‘how’ an individual or business will approach achieving the vision. When the approach is clear, it enables everyone to stay on track when stuck in the detail. It creates consistency and adds weight and focus the the actions taken to achieve the goal.

So what is a strategy?


Vision – This is the main goal of the company/individual – This will be often value led… the “WHY” we do what we do.

Strategy – This is “HOW” we approach the goal – What will be the thread that binds all of the actions/tactics together, to ensure everything is focused on achieving the goal.

Tactics – “WHAT” actions will have to take place to achieve the strategy/goal.

For example, my life strategy is as follows:

Vision: To create environments where those around me can reach their potential.

Strategy: Focus on ‘being the best version of you’ – specifically within leadership and living a higher quality of life, by developing effective learning environments/programs.

Tactics: Write leadership books, develop on-line training programs, one-to-one online coaching and develop key note speeches.

Although it’s a simplified version… hopefully it is clear that my strategy will ensure that all my actions are intrinsically linked together, which will in turn allow me to achieve my vision in a consistent and structured manner.

What is your personal/business strategy?

Take some time today, to challenge yourself on this – Do you have a strategy? Or is it just a list of actions?

A great strategy will rapidly improve your chances of success.