How to play to your potential

So many of us want more from our lives…
We know there is more…
We know we can be more…

Yet we fail to live to our potential. We compromise. We take what we have rather than reaching for more.

Here is why that should never be the case anymore:

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Feel Trapped? It’s time to get out…!

I speak to so many people who say they feel trapped in the life they currently lead.

They feel they can’t improve their lives or have big dreams because they are stuck.

Stuck in their environment, stuck with their circumstances, stuck with Okay.

Here are my thoughts on that:


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You can be better than you are right now.

What you are capable of, if you pushed your abilities to their limits, is the stuff dreams are made out of.

You can be truly amazing… if you MUST make it happen.

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Why Choose Leadership?

What is leadership really?

And is it worth the effort?

In this video I share my ideas about how leadership differs from management. The challenges this brings and the wonderful benefits that come if you get it right.

What do you think about this idea? Please let me know in the comments below…

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How to ease anxiety

I suffer from anxiety.

To varying degrees, I think we all do or have…

“Don’t believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate”

Renne  Jane

Those moments, when your mind freaks out, you worry, you stress and your behaviours signal distress – sometimes about big things, sometimes about small things and sometimes about anything.

If you suffer from anxiety, especially if it is affecting the quality of your life, then it might be appropriate to seek professional help. Anxiety can be very serious and debilitating to those who suffer with it – so if that sounds like you, get help. There is no shame in helping yourself become the best version of you!

If you are not at that stage yet, but you would like some advice, then read on… I offer this advice to you as a friend and as a fellow sufferer of anxiety, who has found great benefit from the following:

I ask myself better questions…

Our brains are amazing, wonderful, creative and powerful things. Our brains decide on our behaviours, approach and attitude and what I have found is that if you ask your brain a question, it will figure out a way to answer it.

So when we are feeling a specific way (let’s say anxious) our internal dialogue will have a narrative that confirms those emotions.

We can change our internal dialogue by asking our brains better questions… so we get better answers and more helpful, supportive emotions.

I have 2 strategies I would recommend:

Positive re-frame

In basic terms this means focusing your mind on an assumption of a positive outcome – ask yourself

self-talk-words-reframe-Tara-Moore-The-Image-Bank-56a906473df78cf772a2ebab“What would I have to do to be a strong, capable and confident person in this situation?”

Give yourself time to answer – don’t expect a musical instantly. You have to allow your mind to focus on the positive aspects of the question and then work out an answer…. and your mind WILL work out an answer!

In completing this process you will have re-framed your entire focus onto a positive set of behaviours and emotions. Your anxiety will fade under the weight of these new ideas and concepts you have opened up in your mind.

Identify and Reality Check

The first step is Identify – What this means is you have to question why you feel the way you do.

In my experience of anxiety, I normally feel that way for one of the following:

hqdefaultWorry I will lose something – that a poor performance or result will dramatically impact my future in a negative manner. So lose my credibility, job, reputation, bonus… the list is endless!
A worry that I am just not good enough – That people won’t like me or think I am capable.
A fear of anxiety itself – Sometimes I would get anxious because I was fearful that I would get anxious – which resulted in a never-ending circle of anxiety.

Once I have Identified, then I can Reality Check – which involves asking better questions, such as:

“Are these things true?” (eg will a poor result actually result in my entire life being ruined forever?)

“What would I do if I knew I was as clever, smart and capable as everyone else?” (this question can be adapted to each identification, e.g. … if I knew this result didn’t matter? This is another way to positive re-frame)

“What one small thing can I do that will improve myself by 1% today?” (this allows you to take smaller more manageable steps and provides much needed momentum, motivation and confidence)

Final Thoughts

When I share this advice with people I get two different types of reactions, spit 50-50 – those that love the concept and jump in or a more reserved reaction with the odd suspicious look – “It can’t be that simple can it?” or “That can’t work surely?” are often uttered by those more sceptical individuals.

If you fall into the latter, I get it…it is perfectly understandable to think this. The great news is it doesn’t matter if you believe or not – what does matter is that you try it.

You see no matter if you believe me or not, the fact remains your brain is awesome and it will come up with an answer to the questions you give it. So by asking better questions, you will get better answers and this will improve you.

Please remember anxiety can be very serious, if this is the case please seek professional help. My advice is based on my personal experience and is offered as a friend, but if your anxiety is hurting the quality of your life, then get help – It can be soothed, you can overcome it and there is no point living with something that does not serve you.

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Most leaders don’t know what a strategy is… do you?

In my role as a performance coach and a motivational speaker, I am lucky to get to work with a lots of different individuals and companies.

Many talk to me about their strategies… Most… unfortunately don’t actually have a strategy… or even know what one is.

In my experience, I think that the term “strategy” is used in most businesses just to make things sound more important, rather than being genuine strategic measures – instead of a ‘project meeting’ we will have a ‘strategic project meeting’… sounds much more sophisticated and business like!

Most leaders tend to have a clear goal or vision, but instead of a strategy, they end up just listing off a bunch of actions to achieve the goal… A bunch of actions does NOT make a strategy.

As Alistair Campbell states in his book ‘Winners’ – For any vision to work long-term, it is essential to have a strategy. In very simple terms a strategy is the ‘how’ an individual or business will approach achieving the vision. When the approach is clear, it enables everyone to stay on track when stuck in the detail. It creates consistency and adds weight and focus the the actions taken to achieve the goal.

So what is a strategy?


Vision – This is the main goal of the company/individual – This will be often value led… the “WHY” we do what we do.

Strategy – This is “HOW” we approach the goal – What will be the thread that binds all of the actions/tactics together, to ensure everything is focused on achieving the goal.

Tactics – “WHAT” actions will have to take place to achieve the strategy/goal.

For example, my life strategy is as follows:

Vision: To create environments where those around me can reach their potential.

Strategy: Focus on ‘being the best version of you’ – specifically within leadership and living a higher quality of life, by developing effective learning environments/programs.

Tactics: Write leadership books, develop on-line training programs, one-to-one online coaching and develop key note speeches.

Although it’s a simplified version… hopefully it is clear that my strategy will ensure that all my actions are intrinsically linked together, which will in turn allow me to achieve my vision in a consistent and structured manner.

What is your personal/business strategy?

Take some time today, to challenge yourself on this – Do you have a strategy? Or is it just a list of actions?

A great strategy will rapidly improve your chances of success.


What the world needs now, is enlightened leadership – Do you measure up?

To become the best leader you can be, you will need to be brave enough to put your current leadership up against a mirror.

However, most leaders don’t bother. They think there is little else to learn… They are wrong.

Last weekend I had the privilege to speak at a conference about motivation and as always I stuck around to see the whole event. I was struck by this companies culture, they were progressive, enabling and it appeared as though they had a highly engaged team. They challenged their leadership culture openly – with the desire to improve as the main priority.

This demonstration of leadership behaviours highlighted an unconformable truth. Cultures and leaders like this are rare…. Really rare.

How many senior leaders do you know that openly practise and develop their understanding of the science of human motivation?

They are literally an endangered species.


“Enlightened leadership is awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, compassion and also intuition, creativity and focused attention”

Deepak Chopra

Even in our enlightened world, the most common approach you will experience from a leaders is, “This is want I need from you.”

Most leaders ask for more, demand more, without giving to their employees. Leaders want more, faster, cheaper and they want it now.

Sometimes they might even throw in a financial incentive (Which has been proven to worsen performance when partaking in complex tasks – as proven by hundreds of social science experiments!)

So think about this for a moment – Most leaders will ask their followers for improved performance and then provide them with an incentive that is a performance inhibitor!

Now take a look at your own leadership – Is your approach a “this is what I need from you” one? Do you provide your followers with tools and strategies that support or inhibit them? How do you even know?

The world is changing and so are followers. Back in the time of the dinosaurs, a leader was seen as powerful and strong if they demanded more. Dinosaurs are extinct and so should be that type of leader.

Followers are demanding a new type of leader. A leader who is enlightened, a leader who understands social science, who understands intrinsic motivation and has the approach of “This is what I will be for my followers.”

The absolute final truth about your leadership ability is in the hand of your followers. It is the ONLY factor that counts – Your followers decide if you are a leader, nobody else.

As a follower – What type of leader would you want to be lead by?

You will find that your answer gives you clues to the leader you need to become.

What is leadership, if it is not about creating the optimum environment for followers to be successful?

Think about YOUR leadership –  Do you demand more from yourself in providing the conditions for your followers to flourish?

Be a true leader, be a progressive leader… be an enlightened leader. It is what the world needs now.

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