If I told you this was a true story would you believe me?

This is a comedic adaptation of an actual conversation that one of my ex-clients had with her boss… It is probable that you know of someone who manages people just like this and I believe there are lessons to be learned from these people.

This video pokes a little bit of fun at poor management, but also hopefully can provide YOU with the knowledge and motivation to ensure you never become this type of leader.

How to be more resilient

Resilience seems to be one of the buzz-words of the 21st century leadership. It seems that everyone is asking our people to have a thick skin and to not take it personally when plans change or work is criticised. If someone gets upset, they are told “You need to be more resilient”.

But what does that word even mean?

How to look and feel more confident

For most of my “grown-up” life I have faked confidence…

But to be honest, inside I felt insecure, anxious and bit bit of a fraud.

It was because I didn’t really know what confidence was, so I tried to fake what I thought it might be.

It turns out, confidence for me was not what I thought… & I think that we can all look and feel more confident by simply changing our perspective on what confidence actually is: