Workplace bullying – The Moronic Manager

“It’s not like it used to be, where you could bully anyone for anything…. These days are gone, as a leader you have to use more sophisticated strategies to bully”

The Moronic Manager goes next level… I think you will agree his attitude is awful… surely these type of behaviours can’t be found in businesses in today’s modern workplace?

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What is the worst that could happen if you give sage, unhelpful interview feedback to internal employees?

These videos are supposed to be a funny take on bad leadership, but it’s a bit sad that this video is based one of the most common ways employees receive feedback from internal interviews.

What is the worst that could happen if you give sage, unhelpful interview feedback to internal employees?

The Moronic Manager – How to deal with ‘WHY’ questions

Another insightful episode from the Moronic Manager – This week we learn how to deal with those pesky employees who want to have an understanding of “why” rather than just blindly following the managers instructions.
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If I told you this was a true story would you believe me?

This is a comedic adaptation of an actual conversation that one of my ex-clients had with her boss… It is probable that you know of someone who manages people just like this and I believe there are lessons to be learned from these people.

This video pokes a little bit of fun at poor management, but also hopefully can provide YOU with the knowledge and motivation to ensure you never become this type of leader.

The Moronic Manager – How to deal with team members who have ambition.

What should you NOT DO when someone in your team is working to improve their career… through the unique style of the Moronic Manager!

Over the years I have discovered that observing how NOT to do things can accelerate our learning and growth, so this video series, called “The Moronic Manager” is aimed at having a bit of fun while also providing some inspiration and helpful ideas…

Hope you like it!

Have you taught your team to be helpless?

Today’s business world is unlike any other time in history… Growth in most sectors is in decline, the market is clearly unstable, consumers have more choice than ever, employee’s have more choice too.

For companies to simply survive, they need to diversify and innovate…

There has never been a time in the history of the world that creativity from employees is in such high demand. It is essential.

Yet, many leaders have inadvertently been teaching their workforce to be helpless… Check out this video to see if this effects you: