There is a secret science to talent… want to know it?

The highest performers in the world have loads of it…

The rest of us… significantly less…

But you CAN have it, there is a science to what we call talent & it is not what you think:

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The uncomfortable (but powerful) truth of being able to show vulnerability

When we see vulnerability in others, we are drawn to it… we support it and we even follow it.

Yet when we think of showing vulnerability ourselves, we shudder at the thought. We believe it makes us weak.

Being able to be vulnerable has real power… in life and leadership… here is why (inspired by Brene Brown):


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The universal principles of being a leader of significance

What is a leader of significance?

It is a difficult question to answer, simply because there are so many different perspectives, viewpoints and opinions on what leadership is.

We have all made leadership complex and confusing… when it shouldn’t be.

In this video I share the basic principles that leaders who become significant lead by:


daxmurphy_a5 (1)Simply the best leadership book for those people progressing into their first leadership role.

Advice from over 300 leaders, in over 30 separate sections, so you can just pick-up and read the advice you need, when you need it… without having to read the whole book!

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The one thing that destroys leadership, that you have probably already done

About 15 years ago, I worked for a company that decided to reduce the number of managers within the company structure.

So all of my colleagues and I had to be re-interviewed and assessed for our jobs…. needless to say this revealed an ugly side to pretty much all of us. We were all fiercely out for ourselves, with very little care or thought to the other people around us. The bonds of team work disappeared during this process and it was heartbreaking to be a part of.

When it was all over I thought things would go back to normal – but it didn’t. For the people who remained the fear lived on. Nobody felt safe ever again.

This is an extreme example, but it has a point…. THREATS WILL KILL PERFORMANCE.

As soon as our jobs were at risk, our instant reaction was to go into self preservation mode and defend ourselves.

How good do you think customer service was? How about training and development? How about sharing of best practice?

Absolute Zero – because we were under threat.

Potentially losing your job is an obvious threat, but there are other, more subtle, but just as damaging threats we use in day to day management.

Maybe you have used some of these?

What do your team think will happen to them if they don’t reach the sales target?

Or ensure costs are within budget?

What do your team think will happen if they get audited?

Or if a customer complaint comes in?

Have you as a leader made sure that all of these would be seen as growth opportunities or does your team feel threatened by them?

Because if they do – then YOU are eroding your teams performance level.

Threats reduce the circle of trust – and people who do not feel safe, who do not feel trusted… WILL NOT ACT IN THE INTERESTS OF THE TEAM AND WILL NOT PERFORM TO THIER POTENTIAL.

Any threat will have this effect… the smaller the threat… the smaller and more gradual the reaction.

If this sounds like something you may have done in your leadership role, then here are some ideas that will help restore the circle of trust with your team.


32995-sorry-apology-apologize-apologies.1200w.tnI realise this is will not be popular advice – particularly for those in leadership roles.

The idea of a leader admitting they got something wrong, means they would have to show vulnerability – which, if we are honest, most of us just don’t want to do.

Even in today’s enlightened world, where the benefits of authentic leadership have been scientifically proven… It is still incredibly rare to find a leader who is brave enough to show genuine vulnerability.

However, if you want your team to feel trusted, to feel safe and to work at their potential, with the success of the group at heart – Then you will have to apologise if you have threatened them. It is the only way to open the gate of the circle of trust again.

Think of it from a follower’s perspective – What is more motivating? A leader who lets past threats hang over their team OR a leader who correctly identifies poor behaviour, apologises for it and looks to find a better way forward.

I know which leader I would prefer to work for.


The reason leaders threaten is obvious – they want to improve performance and a sense of urgency in their teams. It is not that they are bad leaders who want to cause pain and suffering to all those who work for them. No – most of them just want to generate better results.

And in the short term, this can work. But it will NEVER last – It can’t. When people don’t feel safe and only look after their self interest, it is impossible for a team like this to be high performers for any length of time.

What is needed is a positive re-frame: transform from threatening tactics that extrinsically motivate… to high performance environments that intrinsically motivate. A leader will need to identify and then implement the best possible environment for their team to perform at the highest level possible, over the short-term AND long-term.

Demonstrate you have their back

I Got Your BackActions speak louder than words

The leader who encourages creativity… the leader who will ensures their team is safe… the leader who will take accountability when times are tough and give credit when the good times roll in…

Is the leader who has a team that would shed blood, sweat and tears for them

Putting it all together

We live in a high stress world, where nothing ever seems to be good enough. As a leader, if you allow your team to feel they are never good enough or threatened in any way, you are destroying the potential performance level of your team.

When your team don’t feel safe, they will not be creative, they will not be collaborative, they will not have each others’ backs, they will not perform well.

There is another way – Build a circle of trust with your team. Create an environment where they can be at their very best… That is after all…. a leader’s job.

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How to speak so people listen

Our spoken word can influence, inspire, educate and create.

It is one of the most powerful tools we have. Yet we consistently devalue our words, which ultimately means we reduce our influence.

In this video, I share the most common ways we devalue what we say and offer a way we can begin to speak, so that others listen:



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Never, Never Be Afraid To Do What Is Right – M L King

Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther-King – They are great people who have etched their names in history books for standing up for what they believed in and they helped change the world in the process.

572990aeaa13a-fullWe are told powerful stories about special individuals who changed the course of the world by standing against status quo – sometimes facing unsurmountable odds, yet ultimately winning though.

We are told everyone has this power. We are told we too can change the world if our resolve is strong enough… but can we?

I mean these stories sound compelling, yet in your life right now, can you make a stand? Let’s start small… can you go up against the boss at work and not damage your career?

Going a bit bigger… Can you legitimately challenge those in positions of authority, such as politicians, without being removed or arrested?

I think we can, but not in the way the stories would lead you to believe.

Standing up for what you believe in is not a single event, it’s a way of living – It would be impossible to make a huge stand for what you believe to be right in one moment, if your actions in the past didn’t back you up.

Standing up for what is right, is living what is right. It is in your everyday behaviours and actions.

1. Clearly understand what you believe in
2. Share this with everyone
3. Make sure everything you do is linked to this

So if you passionately believe in ‘being honest’ … then communicate this value simply and with clarity… then follow it up by making sure you always tell the truth!

It is a simple example, but hopefully it demonstrates the power of being able to stand up for what you believe in – because if this is how you live your life, then it is easy to challenge the status quo when needed, because everyone will expect it!

This of course has it’s challenges, but what it allows you to be is authentic, strong and value led.

If you don’t live your life by these rules, then you will end up living your life by someone else’s. That is the opposite of standing up for what is right.

Be the best version of you – stand up for you believe in… stand up for what is right.

Why do we pretend that SUCCESS is a destination?

Why do we determine success as attaining things we don’t currently have?

I mean that’s really weird right? Saying ‘I will be successful when… I get… or this happens..’

That means success is always in the future and if we have programmed ourselves this way, then even if we achieve our original goal, it wouldn’t mean we are successful – Success will have just moved on to another destination.

We always tell ourselves the same story – when we finally arrive at ‘success’, our lives will be great, be so much easier, be so much happier.

We are literally telling ourselves a fairytale.

Take a moment to think about the story we tell ourselves – Life currently has its struggles, but you will persevere and work hard, then one happy day you will graduate and be ‘successful’. At this point life suddenly becomes easy, you will have more fun and you will be happier.

Does that sound like real life? Do you really think that happens to anyone?

Sorry to bust the bubble, but that story is simply just not true.

Success is not a destination, it never has been and never will be. There is no arrival – You will have challenges and difficulties no matter what. That is just life.

Success does exist though. It is in the actions you take everyday to become a better version of you. Success lives in the now, it lives in your development, it lives in your actions.


So if you desire success then there is only one question to answer – Will you choose the discipline required to take hold of the now, to live in the now, to improve yourself now?

The discipline to act in the now, is what creates your destiny. Discipline is what will make you the best version of you.

If you don’t choose the discipline of the now, then you will experience only one possible outcome – Regret.

  • Discipline is the factor that gets you back on track, when you lose focus (and we all lose focus from time to time).
  • Discipline is the factor that gets you moving forward quickly when you have failed or been rejected.
  • Discipline is the factor that guarantees you will become the best version of you and the life that comes with that.
  • Discipline is the factor that allows you to be successful now.

I choose discipline – I want to say at the end of my life that I gave it everything I have had. I cannot tolerate the thought of holding regret… of saying ‘what if’.

I urge you to choose discipline too.

Success is not a destination. Success is right now, in the actions you take. Choose to be the best version of you.

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