What is the worst that could happen if you give sage, unhelpful interview feedback to internal employees?

These videos are supposed to be a funny take on bad leadership, but it’s a bit sad that this video is based one of the most common ways employees receive feedback from internal interviews.

What is the worst that could happen if you give sage, unhelpful interview feedback to internal employees?

If I told you this was a true story would you believe me?

This is a comedic adaptation of an actual conversation that one of my ex-clients had with her boss… It is probable that you know of someone who manages people just like this and I believe there are lessons to be learned from these people.

This video pokes a little bit of fun at poor management, but also hopefully can provide YOU with the knowledge and motivation to ensure you never become this type of leader.

Become a feedback SUPERSTAR!

“Feedback is a gift” or so they say… That is only true if the feedback is delivered expertly. Otherwise feedback can be devastating, destructive and difficult. For everyone concerned!

If you are in a job that has anything to do with people, you will have to give feedback – and because feedback is developmental, you will have to talk about performance improvement.

That means it is highly probable that it will be emotive – For the person receiving the feedback and probably you as well.

When giving feedback goes wrong, it can really go wrong. With high emotions, personal attacks, uncomfortable silences, even more uncomfortable shouting matches and worst of all, no positive change in behaviour!

Yet when it goes right, it can still be challenging, but also positive, open, honest and focused on improvement for the right reasons.

Here is my advice to make sure the next time you give feedback, you nail it (based on getting feedback right AND wrong over the years!)

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