How to make a positive impact on everyone you meet

I always used to get very anxious about wanting to make a good impression with everyone I met.

My anxiety made me nervous, sleepless and stopped me being my natural self.

Then I learnt about the tactics I share in this video… They REALLY helped me and maybe they can help you improve your impact with others also (even if your don’t suffer from anxiety)

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The uncomfortable truth of why some people in your team have a bad attitude.

So often I hear managers tell me that “they need to get rid of the people with a bad attitude”

It is also common to have entire business’s tell people “they need to get on the bus”

It is so easy to blame the attitude of our team and our employee’s on them… THEY need to change, THEY have the bad attitude…

As leaders, we need to think differently… we need to ask WHY and then create solutions:

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