What does it take to be happy?

Many people think that being happy is something that will happen to them when specific external events unfold.
Things like earning a certain amount of money, being in a romantic relationship, achieving a high level of status.
But this isn’t really true… the science is strong on this… and we all sort of know it deep down… Happiness is something we choose.

In fact happiness is a skill and the more you practice the better you will get at it, in this short video are some ideas to help you practice:

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Common behaviours you MUST AVOID when taking on a new team

As a manager or leader, it is likely that you will be asked to lead an already established team… in effect making you the new person within that team.

The first few months of embedding yourself into the team are going to be critical to the success of the team (and yourself), so it is hugely important to get this right.

Here are some common behaviours you MUST AVOID if you want to lead your new team to success:

daxmurphy_a5 (1)

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Vulnerability in leadership

Being able to show genuine vulnerability brings respect, connection, shared values and relationship bonds that are indestructible. All highly desirable factors in great leadership… Yet most of us in management roles don’t feel there is a place for vulnerability in leadership.

We believe vulnerability is weak… when in fact it is the complete opposite. My latest book, The Enlightened Leader, shows how vulnerability is one of the most powerful elements in leadership AND teaches us how we can bring this into our own brand of leadership easily and successfully.

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The good old fashioned way to create the future you deserve.

In the world of self development there is a whole load of rubbish that so-called “experts” profess to be the magic bullet to attaining the life you desire.

There is no magic bullet… sorry to bust the bubble… but there is a way to get the life and future you desire.

The old fashioned way.

If you are serious about improving the quality of your life, then watch this video:


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Do You Know What You Need To Focus On To Become The Best?

We all want success.

But to be successful we must become the best we can possibly be… But the best at what?

We have so many possibilities, so many opportunities, that our personal development can become a tangled mess because we want to get better at everything.

Success… Real success… Game changing, life transforming success, comes with purposeful focus.

When you understand what to focus on and push all your development into that area you will transform your life. Watch to learn more:

Imagine If You Could Learn Quicker

One Sunday night about 7 months ago, I was sat on the floor of my living room, tired, angry and frustrated… I had been trying to film my first YouTube video – attempt after attempt,  failure after failure… I sat in a heap and decided that setting up a YouTube channel was impossible… There was so much to learn… getting the lighting right, how to edit and produce… never mind how ridiculously uncomfortable talking in front of a camera was.

This was a world where I was a novice and I didn’t have a clue where to start.

Imagine a world where, whatever you wanted to learn you could do so quickly and effectively… where you can achieve a high level of mastery, at pace. Imagine the edge that will give you in your life.


What NOT to do

Don’t spread you focus and desire to learn too thin. What I mean by this is that it is easy to be frivolous with what you want to learn. Superficial desires and multiple areas to learn in will lessen your ability to master anything.

Put simply… you only ever have 100% of your attention and focus available to you. The less focus you give to things the less you will get out. This applies to any aspect in life – so with learning here is a quick example… If you want to learn 10 things and you give them equal attention, then each area gets 10% of your focus. If you only want to learn in 1 area, you can give that 100% of your focus.

This is a crude example, but does demonstrates a key principle… Focus on less things to achieve mastery quicker! Lets just have another quick example, to hammer home this idea…

Could you complete a jigsaw puzzle quicker if

A: You focused completely on the one puzzle

B: You had to complete two jigsaw puzzles simultaneously?

How to learn faster

Have a deep connection with what you want to learn

If what you want to learn is connected to your purpose or vision then it links to something bigger, it links to a better, brighter future in your life. It will link to who you want to become… If it is real to you and means something important to you then it will be easy to commit yourself to it.

Learning because you have been told to or because you think you should do, will limit your commitment… The simple fact is you won’t put 100% effort into mastery if it doesn’t have a clear link to why it will benefit your life.

When you know what you want from your life, you will know what you have to learn and have to master to get what you want.

If you want to learn faster – figure out your purpose, figure out who you want to be – It will give you a level of commitment and work-ethic that will dwarf anything you could achieve without a purpose.


Model it

Never… ever… start from scratch. It is the slowest way to learn! No matter what you want to achieve and learn about in your life, there are people out in the world who have done similar things to what you want to do.

Copy them! Read books, go on courses, watch videos and go on line and research. There will be so many examples of how to rapidly improve your achievement and skill level in your chosen area, it would be crazy to start from scratch and try to teach yourself from square one.

With my example of setting up a YouTube channel… If I had tried to work out how to set up the lighting for my videos on my own via trial and error… then I probably would still be struggling now! However I watched a few videos and within days became competent enough to set up a decent lighting system. I learnt…. really fast…. by copying and modelling from experts.

What do you want to master? What do you want to learn? Who does that really well already? What do they do? Model it!

“The more I practice the luckier I get”

Arnold Palmer

Practice it

Lets be clear… gaining knowledge and learning are two different things. Gaining knowledge allows you to understand the process and the theory. The way we learn… the way we master (no matter what your learning style) is by immersion.

Absorbing yourself totally into practising is the only way to master anything… You know this from when you were a child… think about it… How did you learn to walk?

You had a clear purpose… You modelled what you saw from others around you… then you immersed yourself into practising. You put in the time, you never gave up, you kept on learning… you eventually mastered it.

The more you practise the faster you learn it… want to learn faster? Practise more?

Get Feedback

The only thing we failed to mention about learning to walk was… feedback… the people around you gave lots of encouragement and gave feedback that was honest, constructive and had your best interests at heart.

Re-creating that feedback support network in adult life is critical to learning faster! Who in your life do you trust, is honest and will offer supportive and constructive feedback?

Utilise these people to help you get better… The feedback you get from people who only have your best interests at heart will help you more than you can imagine.

Remember… Any feedback that can help you get better… take it and use it.

Any feedback that isn’t focused on your interests of getting better or doesn’t fit with what you want to master… You are allowed to discard it!

The old saying is feedback is a gift… Do you cherish and utilise every gift you have ever been given? No… you utilise the gifts that benefit your life… It’s the same with feedback.

Create Leverage

It is common sense advice, make your goals time-bound, give them deadlines… create leverage and a sense of urgency. Although this is common sense, it doesn’t mean it is common practice… Do the things you want to learn have a deadline on them?

When you create a sense of urgency, it increases the focus you give it and stops you being distracted – It gives you the extra leverage to apply all of your focus on the areas that are important in your life… Make sure you build in consequences and rewards too, for added motivation.

Imagine a world where, whatever you wanted to learn you could do so quickly and effectively… where you can achieve a high level of mastery, at pace. Imagine the edge that will give you in your life . That world is available to you right now…

Is Your Mindset Limiting Your Potential?

We all live in an ultra competitive world… ever improving results are demanded, performance measures are expanded and league tables are common place.

So when results become so important, the meaning you give to them will change your actions, decisions and feelings dramatically… So what are you? A failure avoider or a success seeker and why does it matter to your health and well-being?

Watch this post on YouTube Here:

I first learnt about these differences, in mindset, with an old boss whom I was finding it difficult to connect with – I couldn’t understand why, as we were aiming for the same results, so had at least that as common ground, but nothing seemed to work and they always seemed to be stressed, panicked and concerned.

Then during one conversation I jokingly said about one particular result, that I wasn’t performing particularly well on, that “at least I’m not the worst”

The reaction I received was unexpected – it was a moment of genuine connection from a line manager I had found it impossible to connect with previously.

The problem in our connection was this – We were both focused on the same performance measures, yet I had been focused on delivering the best I could and he was focused on not being the worst.

When analysing my own career, I realised that at times I had adopted this mentality too… I wanted to blame external factors – the company focus, the boss, the team, the customers – but when I was honest, it was my choice. Just like it is for you.


The meaning you give defines you

These small changes in meaning, completely diversifies the actions, decisions and feelings of the individual.

A success seeker will focus on being the best they can be, progressing and moving forward. They are not jealous of others performance, rather keen to understand how to improve… they are also free in sharing the strategies and techniques that help them perform well. A success seeker wants to do good and be good… they don’t need to look good.

On the flip-side the failure avoider is focused on others performance and being better than some. They show jealousy in others success’s and you will hear them making up excuses for why others have done well “it was just lucky” or “their customers are easier to sell too” or “it’s easy to improve when your results were bad before” are the type of things you will hear them say.

There is no chance they will ever share what has worked for them, because that gives them the upper-hand… unless, of course, it has the opportunity to make others look bad in the process, then they will gladly share as it proves they are better than someone else.

How to identify what you are

Success Seeker                                                   

Positive attitude
Creative and sharing
Focused on own performance
Wants to improve
Will take risks to progress
Will sometimes achieve the exceptional

Failure avoider

Negative attitude
Rarely share
Focused on others performance
Wants to be better than someone else
Won’t take risks
Will achieve “just enough”

Which are you?

I have been both in my lifetime – this has depended on my situation, confidence and environment – It doesn’t mean you are a bad person if you are a failure avoider and it doesn’t mean you are totally awesome if you seek success… It is the meaning you give.

The side effects

If you try to avoid failure then you focus in on others performance, so you can ensure you are not the worst… You can’t control others performance, so if others have a good day, you feel awful and if others are struggling you feel good… That’s a massive problem… If you focus on the things you can’t control it will only bring stress, anxiety and panic into your life – and I am sure you know the phycological and physical health problems that come with stress, anxiety and panic. If you don’t, look it up… however in simple terms they are killers.

When you seek success it’s different – being focused on improvement, on making progress is literally the recipe for happiness! You feel better, you relieve yourself from the worry of looking good, so that you can have lots of energy and enthusiasm to DO good! Not only that… because you are trying to improve, you will improve… so get better results!

My advice? Having utilised both mindsets in my life… I recommend you choose to be a success seeker… it’s more fun, less stressful and you give yourself a significantly increased chance of being happy, fulfilled and successful!