How to look and feel more confident

For most of my “grown-up” life I have faked confidence…

But to be honest, inside I felt insecure, anxious and bit bit of a fraud.

It was because I didn’t really know what confidence was, so I tried to fake what I thought it might be.

It turns out, confidence for me was not what I thought… & I think that we can all look and feel more confident by simply changing our perspective on what confidence actually is:


How mindfulness is pretty much the answer to everything.

I have been practicing being mindful now for two years and I can honestly say that when I actively take a mindful approach to anything in my life, I tend to make better decisions, take better action and get better results.

Here are my top-line thoughts on what mindfulness is and how you can utilise it to improve the quality of your life.

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Be the weakest link in your chain

The bottom line is that I realised the group of people I hung around with… It was easy for me to think I was doing a lot, because I was doing more to move forward than them, but the fact of the matter is, what I should have been doing was making sure I was the weakest link in my chain – because that will make me work harder – make me run faster – make me get better…

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