What does it take to be happy?

Many people think that being happy is something that will happen to them when specific external events unfold.
Things like earning a certain amount of money, being in a romantic relationship, achieving a high level of status.
But this isn’t really true… the science is strong on this… and we all sort of know it deep down… Happiness is something we choose.

In fact happiness is a skill and the more you practice the better you will get at it, in this short video are some ideas to help you practice:

How to be more resilient

Resilience seems to be one of the buzz-words of the 21st century leadership. It seems that everyone is asking our people to have a thick skin and to not take it personally when plans change or work is criticised. If someone gets upset, they are told “You need to be more resilient”.

But what does that word even mean?

Are your friends truly happy & supportive about your personal growth?

Nobody who was anybody did it on their own…

We all need support and we all need challenge. Take a look at your circle of friends… is it easy and comfortable or are you challenged to grow?

Are people genuinely happy for your progression or do they secretly want you to stay the same?

maybe its time to take a look at your friendship groups?