Are your friends truly happy & supportive about your personal growth?

Nobody who was anybody did it on their own…

We all need support and we all need challenge. Take a look at your circle of friends… is it easy and comfortable or are you challenged to grow?

Are people genuinely happy for your progression or do they secretly want you to stay the same?

maybe its time to take a look at your friendship groups?

How to look and feel more confident

For most of my “grown-up” life I have faked confidence…

But to be honest, inside I felt insecure, anxious and bit bit of a fraud.

It was because I didn’t really know what confidence was, so I tried to fake what I thought it might be.

It turns out, confidence for me was not what I thought… & I think that we can all look and feel more confident by simply changing our perspective on what confidence actually is:


Have you taught your team to be helpless?

Today’s business world is unlike any other time in history… Growth in most sectors is in decline, the market is clearly unstable, consumers have more choice than ever, employee’s have more choice too.

For companies to simply survive, they need to diversify and innovate…

There has never been a time in the history of the world that creativity from employees is in such high demand. It is essential.

Yet, many leaders have inadvertently been teaching their workforce to be helpless… Check out this video to see if this effects you:

How can business improve their leaders productivity.

I spend my life guiding individuals to become better leaders and after a time it becomes glaringly obvious that most companies could (& should) do more to cultivate exceptional leadership.

Here are my thoughts on 3 simple ideas that, if companies adopted, would ensure we get the most competent people in leadership roles:


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