How to 10x your coaching productivity

There are 4 specific skills to coaching, that you are probably not using that will 10x the results you get from coaching your team or your clients.

Coaching is a highly skilled process and required if need to improve the performance of those around you, yet most people haven’t been trained on it and coaching seems to be one of those things that people think they understand, yet absolutely suck when it!

Or you have the people that have done a bit of research or many attended a course and only apply the one thing they learnt… which leads ends up being a poor coaching experience too

Don’t get me wrong… if you want to be a high quality coach, then invest in training… the more you understand and practice, the better you will become.

However what I want to share with you today is the four specific skills in coaching… that you are probably not using AND will 10x your effectiveness:


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