Why you need to train your team over & above their job roles

We know that for today’s employees, the chance to learn and develop skills is becoming the most important factor in choosing a job. In fact, it’s been estimated that almost a third of employees think their skills are redundant now or will be in the next 2-4 years.

So it’s no wonder that a report by Manpower Group, of 19,000 working millennials across 25 countries, found that 80% rated the opportunity to learn new skills as a primary factor in considering a new job and 93% would spend their own time and resources on further training.
We are working in an age of continuous reinvention, where learning and developing new skills is as important as getting to the next rung of the corporate ladder and making that next step in their careers.

What’s more, there are more opportunities than ever before for people to learn, with content, classes and courses available at the touch of a button. Today, it is the pace and breadth of learning that employers need to keep on top of and, more so, embrace.

But what happens when the skills employees want to learn don’t fit with their job description, or don’t have an obvious benefit to your business?



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