My First Book is Available for Pre-order!

Hello everyone!

I now have my first book available on Amazon…. Only as an e-book, but this is my first toe in the water, so to speak, therefore I wanted to keep it simple (for me!).

The book is about emerging leadership… specifically the challenges leaders will face and some good advice on how to overcome them.

If you enjoy reading and watching my posts each week, then this should be a great book for you!

It is priced at £1.99 ($1.66), s, hopefully, accessible for almost everyone.

So if you are an emerging leader, please buy my book.

If you like my post’s, please buy my book.

Or if you just want support me in my attempt to become an Amazon best selling author… please buy my book!

daxmurphy_a5 (1)

Click Here to pre-order NOW!

If you are still not interested or this is something you can’t take on at this time… absolutely no worries, I still love you and will always post inspirational leadership on my website every week for free!

Be the best version of you,



6 thoughts on “My First Book is Available for Pre-order!

  1. Hi Dax!
    I need to release a couple of very short books (e-books) to help those who prefer to raise awareness, ability and emotion so we all get closer to justice and deserved lives. I have not released any books yet though they exist on my blog.
    Do you have a friendly advice on how to succeed on this subject?
    By the way, they are called The virtues of life and Iology – The learning of I.
    I hope you give me what I want and need.
    Have a magic touch!

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