How To Get Your Mojo Back

Have you ever been making good progress on a project or goal and then all of a sudden you lose your motivation?

It happens to almost everybody at some point in their lives… The bigger challenge is being able to get your mojo back quickly!

In this video I share how to do exactly that – get motivated and moving quickly again, with these ideas:

3 thoughts on “How To Get Your Mojo Back

  1. I have always been so bad at this! The worst thing for me was when I went on vacation. I came back, and I started questioning everything and feeling as if I couldn’t accomplish my goals for some reason. How dumb! I am only NOW starting to bounce back from it! I definitely have to work on that.

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    1. It is not dumb… it is just the distractions of life pulling at us. The trick is spotting when this happens and then working to get back on track as soon as you can


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