What To Do When You Feel Alone

Human beings need connection – It is a desire and need that is a part of our genetic make-up.

So when we feel alone or disconnected, it can be the darkest of places.

More and more people feel this way – In a world where the internet and social media provide us with more connections than ever, we feel less connected.

If you feel this way or know of someone who does – This video I offer my advice from my own personal experience with loneliness:

One thought on “What To Do When You Feel Alone

  1. So true. I have a niece battling addiction. I notice that when family is around and people let her know she’s loved, she does better. Unfortunately, she’s alone a lot. Her husband has provided a maid and nanny for her and she doesn’t have to work. She even has a masseuse that comes in. You might say, how fortunate but it’s a solitary life. She’s lonesome. And… once you sink into the hole, it’s hard to get out even when you “know” what you need to do to get out of it.
    Humans are social people, some need it more than others. Good post.

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