Command and control is dead. The real role of leadership is creating a climate of possibility.

“The real role of leadership … is not and should not be command and control. The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility” 

Ken Robinson

Have you ever worked with a manager that wants control over everything? Are you a manager who is terrified of letting go of control?

Managers that seek control are destined to be mediocre… at best – The reason why is the simple fact that controlling other people is IMPOSSIBLE!

Here are the scientifically proven outcomes when a manager places a myriad of control measures on their teams:

  • You develop a disengaged workforce (NOBODY likes working for a micro-manager!)
  • You will only ever get the MINIMUM desired outcome (NOBODY is going the extra mile or being creative when every action they take is dictated!)
  • The controlled behaviours will only be demonstrated while you measure it tightly and will be disregarded the moment they are not (NOBODY will demonstrate behaviours that have been forced on them, when nobody is looking!)
  • You will lose good people (NOBODY wants to lose talented people from their teams!)
  • Your business/team will slowly die, as your more open-minded competitors accelerate past you (NOBODY innovates when every move is controlled!)

The first stage to overcoming your addiction to control is by admitting the following absolute truth:

“I don’t have control of other people and I will never have control of them.”

Once you accept this, then your leadership will take on a whole new meaning.

If you can’t control anything other than your own thoughts and actions, then you have to start thinking about HOW to create an environment for your team, where they choose to demonstrate positive and desirable behaviours – Not because you have told them to, but because they want to.

If you do, here is what will happen to your team:

  • You will have a fully engaged workforce (Because when people choose to follow they reach the highest engagement levels possible!)
  • People will work over and above to delver the best outcome possible (Being trusted, valued and autonomous generates high levels of creativity and commitment!)
  • The desired behaviours will be demonstrated without having to manage, measure or incentivise (Because they have chosen, they will act in the best interests of the team – even when nobody is watching!)
  • Great people will want to work with you (EVERYBODY wants to work with great people!)

The science proves it – Trying to have tight control over others REDUCES performance and giving others autonomy and trust INCREASES performance… There is only one thing for it…give up the illusion of control and instead consider the following:

How will you create and communicate your vision and values? 

How will you ensure your team have the skills and capability they need?

How will you give your team the autonomy and control, to make your business world-class?

Free yourself – free your team and become an illustrious leader!

One thought on “Command and control is dead. The real role of leadership is creating a climate of possibility.

  1. True. Even so, O Dax! There is a reality to take into consideration. We cannot control even our own thoughts & feelings! No man can control the tongue. Unless The Spirit of our Father/Creator/Redeemer of our souls does the work, we laborers work in vain.

    We have to cease from the work of our hands (mind work). We have have to come into the rest of Hebrews. We must! How can it be done? Only by the power of His love from on high. It never fails. It always avails! At last, it has availed me, big time! Let’s reflect on it.

    Do I get your thoughts on ‘I know something about you…’? I will value your critique. Father is leading me all the way. He is joining His chosen from the entire globe. That’s why you honor me with your visits. And that’s why He is quickening me to connect with you by His power of love.

    His love in my heart for you and for all, thiaBasilia:-)

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