Winners quit fast, quit often and quit without guilt

Is quitting ever the right thing to do?

I hate to say it, but sometimes the answer is ‘yes’.

If you a regular reader of these posts, you will know I consistently preach that we shouldn’t quit… In the recipe for success, taking action everyday, is the most common ingredient. If any of us are going to be successful, then the reality is we have take action towards our goals.

So how does quitting fit in to the recipe of success?

What if you are trapped in a situation that is restricting your progress, limiting your potential or suffocating your dreams.

Is it right to stay and fight in that situation?

Well if your current struggle is a part of the journey towards your personal goals, then YES you should stick it out and keep on taking action to keep on getting better.

Have an honest look at the bigger picture of your life. Is your current reality is just a bump in the road or is it a dead end?

Ask yourself:

‘Have I changed and adapted myself to maximise this current situation?’
‘Have I tried everything? What else could I try?’

If you haven’t changed your approach and your mindset, then you shouldn’t quit! If you want to change ANYTHING in your life, start with yourself first!

However there are those times you should quit.

Ask yourself:

Does my current reality (job, life style, relationships or friends) have a fundamentally negative impact on my life goals?
Have I changed myself in that situation, to try and improve it?

If you have a negative impact in your life, that you cant change by adapting your mindset… then quit… now.

Life is far to short to spend it being miserable.

mood-girl-dress-color-hands-smile-summer-umbrella-umbrella-happiness-freedom-freedom-openness-warmth-plants-nature-field-sun-sky-clouds-background-freedomIf you cannot chase your goals, if you cannot become the best version of you, if you are trapped and being restricted then you have to to something about it.

Think about it, at the end of your life will you regret chasing your goals or would you regret not trying?

The honest truth is, if your situation is suffocating your potential, then you can quit and you will find a better environment.

If you go to work hating every second, without any hope of improvement… Quit… Find another job! The longer you stay, the less confidence and self worth you will have. That is no way to spend your working life!

The same goes for relationships in your life… If there is a relationship that is hurting you, which is having a negative impact on how you live… then quit.. You don’t have to stay in a relationship that hurts!

You can quit and become happy, successful and fulfilled.

Don’t live a trapped life. Live your life to the fullest.

Become the best version of you.

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