Has the shit ever hit the fan in your life?

Have you ever gone for something and it’s not worked out? A promotion? Pay rise? Something else?

It happens to us all… It has happened to me more than most! The fact of the matter is that shit happens in everyone’s lives, EVERYONE’S…  Our lives will always have obstacles,will always have challenges and will always have people who tell us that we can’t be who we want to be.

If these things happen to us all, why do we think it is unique to us individually? How is it that when most of us experience these moments, we feel like the world is against us? We feel like giving up? We feel like it is impossible to succeed?

What if we decided to think differently?

What if we decided to perceive the obstacles and challenges in our lives differently?

What if we knew that the bad things that happen aren’t actually bad? What if we knew those challenges are here to help us?

The research shows that the difference between the people who thrive in life and those that struggle, is all about mindset. Most people when they hit a road-block, will quit, moan, blame and give-up. The people who thrive think different… They embrace, encourage and engage when challenged.

How do they do that?

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.”Wade Boggs


It’s the starting point… how you see life and how you perceive problems, will define everything in your life. If you decide that problems are in your life so that you can overcome them, then that mindset will define your actions positively.

The problems in your life take on a whole new perspective, suddenly the world isn’t against you, instead it is providing an opportunity for you to develop. Suddenly something that was negative, can be exciting.


The action you take will be absolutely determined and decided by your perception. If the world is against you and it’s impossible to succeed, then your actions will mirror that. If the problem you face is a great opportunity to grow, progress and learn… then your actions are going to be very different and much more positive.



There will always be stuff in your life that you can’t control… have the strength to let it go and move forward with the things you can control. The ability to identify what is out of your control, to remove emotional attachment from it and then to take action on what is in your control, is vital.

The worst possible thing you can do, to waste time, is by spending your time trying to influence factors that are completely out of your control. The inner-strength to move on without holding negativity takes practise, but is available to us all.


That advice sounds reasonable, but can’t be that easy!

The bottom line is, it’s as easy or as hard as you decide it will be. It’s all a choice… how you perceive life and how you perceive problems. Will you thrive or just survive? It is all your choice.

Think about what stops you when problems arrive at your door:

Fear of failure?
Lack of motivation?
This always happens to me?

No matter what, it is your decision… fear? You decide… motivation? You decide… problems or opportunities? You decide.

Take accountability… decide to have the positive perception, the positive action and the powerful inner-strength.

I know this to be true because I have had dark times in my life, where I believed that the world was against me, that I was a failure and I couldn’t do it. It hurts me to say, but I crumbled in life.

I was lonely, negative and hopeless. I made bad decisions. I smoked, drank and ate to excess… being 3 stone overweight, smoking 40 cigarettes a day and 2 bottles of whiskey a week isn’t good for anyone!

At work, I took corporate roles I thought I had to, in order to show willing and progress within the company.. working in environments on tasks that ate at my soul.

I decided to live like this… I decided that this was the way to live my life… I decided that the problems I faced where insurmountable.

I wasn’t pursuing my dream… I didn’t even know what my dream was! I was just focused on my problems and filling the gap of fulfilment with smoke, alcohol and excessive eating!

Then I decided to change my mindset… I decided on who I wanted to be and what I must achieve. I focused on why I wanted this and what it would mean to me. I re-programmed my mind to ask different questions, to think differently about my problems.

Since then I have given up smoking and drinking. I now eat healthy and exercise. I am proud to say, I am also at a healthy body weight! Not only that, I changed my work life and now focus on 1-1 peak performance coaching, delivering seminars, writing books and developing training materials. I do all this so that hopefully I can support people around the world to become better leaders and improve the quality of their lives.

I am not telling you this to brag… I’m telling you this to allow you to see that you can change your mindset, you can change your life… If I can do it, you can too!

Living an exceptional life doesn’t happen by accident… there are lots of strategies, approaches and perceptions that will help… however it always starts with your choices.

When life throws challenges your way… how will you react?

2 thoughts on “Has the shit ever hit the fan in your life?

  1. Yes, it all starts from mindset. From setting a clear goal. Without it, a person is lost and might indulge in unhealthy behaviors.
    As always, your post reading is good quality time spending.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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