Don’t Quit, Even When It All Goes Bad

How can we keep our vision and purpose alive when everything goes to crap? When the going gets tough? When we have no support? When we get rejected? When we get laughed at? When circumstances change against us? When our dream seems so far away from reality, it’s hard to believe it could ever be achieved?

It is a fact, that EVERYONE you believe has achieved success in their lives, has had tough times, has been rejected, has lost, has been told they are not good enough… To achieve massive success you have to get through those challenges… It is the price of success!

In my career I have had struggles… probably more than most, I seem to proactively seek challenge and adversity in my life! From being rejected from jobs, being made redundant… to being told my biggest strengths should be toned down… I have been told that I shouldn’t communicate with the passion and purpose I do…. Recently I have been laughed at, criticised and told I am not good enough to write post’s like this…

Yet I still have my dreams… I still work towards my purpose… harder and more focused than ever. This is because I feel the adversity is there to prepare me, to grow me, to make me the person I want to become.

Here are the facts – Hard times will come… You will struggle… Sometimes you will fail… Other people will criticise and say you can’t.

These things will happen… These things also have zero relevance to you being able to live an exceptional life and becoming the person of your dreams!

How you define struggle and tough times will ultimately determine if you give up on your dreams or if you push through.

Struggle is good – To be the person of your dreams takes a lot of work! It takes more to become more!

Embrace this truth – Success is not easy… it is not owed to you… it is not given out… Success, massive success can be achieved by you once you decide nothing will stop you, no matter what barriers present themselves.

“It ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward – Rocky Balboa

Here are four approaches that I try to stick to that help me to keep moving towards my goals, if you sometimes struggle to keep working towards your goals, maybe they can help you too:

Visualise to materialise

This is obvious and you have probably heard this before, but do you do it? See, feel, hear, touch, taste, understand and live though the moments you want to achieve.

Don’t just visualise the magic moments though… It is good and useful to imagine and visualise the winning post, the fanfare and all those amazing feelings you will get once you achieve your dreams

HOWEVER… Don’t forget to visualise the tough times too and even more importantly how you will grow, focus and drive through these tough times! Visualisation is about preparation… prepare for the whole journey rather than just the end goal.

A good example is a marathon runner… visualising the finish line is important and positive… it is also equally important to visualise the 13 mile mark and how you pull on your inner strength to push through the pain barrier! Can you see how the runner who visualised the whole journey is better prepared for the whole run?

This is solid advice that you have probably been aware of before now… Now is the time to start practising it! Spend some time visualising your purpose, your exceptional life… visualise the whole journey – the struggles, the knock-backs, the pain and visualise how you will overcome them, how you will make your decisions and how you will boost your energy and passion in these tough times AND then visualise every detail of how amazing your life will be when you get there…!

Research your vision!

In this day and age, the majority of people tend to be lazy in regards to finding out how to make their dreams a reality. If you honestly, truly must achieve your exceptional life, then learn how to get it!

Whatever you want in your life, there are people who have achieved what you want – there are literally blueprints to create your exceptional life! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Research those who have achieved what you want and role model there behaviours/strategies!

This isn’t about reading one book or the odd blog post – this is reading every book you can find on the topic – every blog you can find too – watch videos – go to seminars – interview the people who have been successful at what you want to become.

The more you fill your mind with the strategies of those you deem successful, the more you will understand how to create your own exceptional life! You can effectively stand on the shoulders of giants and propel yourself to the next level in your life!

Take action everyday!

If you take actions towards your dreams each and everyday, you will get a little bit closer each time… over the course of time, those little steps will turn into significant strides.
An example is writing a book – If you wrote one paragraph everyday, then you would be significantly closer to having written your book a year later – agree?

It is a basic equation – take action towards your dreams everyday = progress towards achieving your dreams!

If you can take action everyday… even just small action… even when the times get tough… you will get closer to achieving your dreams, than if you don’t take any action at all.
So… contribute everyday, take action everyday, focus on your dreams everyday… You will make your dreams a reality!

Build a feedback network around you

It’s a great idea to test your ideas and get feedback before you takeaway the safety net… Having a network that provides feedback before you take action in the real world, is beneficial… Getting feedback on the actions you will take can make you more productive, more self-aware and more focused on the actions that will make the most difference.
The key factor is that you must control who this feedback network is… choose the people you trust to be honest, the people who have your progress as their focus, rather than any other agenda.

You will have enough rejection and people who produce barriers for their own gains in your journey… you don’t need these people in your feedback network.


The only person who makes your dreams a reality is you!

I gave up on my dreams earlier in my life – I lost myself, I lost my hope, I just waded through life – hoping I would stumble on the “real me” one day, I let unimportant peoples’ opinions become me… DON’T DO IT!

It is a waste of time and a waste of life… living an exceptional life is something you choose… you have to fight for it, you have to work hard… it is worth it, I promise you!
The person of your dreams is already here – You have total access to that person now!

Don’t give up on your purpose, even when it’s tough.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Quit, Even When It All Goes Bad

  1. I agree with all your points! If more people understood and took advantage to visualizing their desires, more people would achieve their goals. I first delved into this concept after reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. As you stated you have to feel, see, touch, taste that which you desire and then you can turn that into a tangible reality!

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  2. Another good mantra I say to myself is, “When the going gets tough the tough get going”. We say we want to be confident and strong and then we shy away from the difficulties that help us to develop the very qualities we say we prize. I write a lot about this type of thing myself and I am so pleased to have found your blog. It will certainly help me when I am floundering.


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