Why Your Mum is the Best Leadership Coach

As most of us do at this time of year, I have been reviewing the past twelve months and looking to see how I can be better in the new year. What I decided to do this year is be a better person, so I have scoured the internet and a few books on the subject and do you know what I found?

The advice they all give is the advice I got when I was a kid from my mum… It’s very likely it is very similar advice your mum gave you too.

What else was interesting is the advice about being a better person absolutely links directly to being a better leader… and is uncommonly good! Rather than ‘to-do’s’ or ‘rules’, these are fundamentals of leadership that often get ignored.

Watch my latest video on this subject here:

Here are some of the things your mum may have told you are important in life… Try to adopt some these approaches everyday and you will be a better person AND a better leader… If you can embody them all, it will transform you forever:


Understand that life, by design, is tough… shit will happen, things sometimes won’t go your way and people might say and do hurtful things… Understand you can’t control the outside world, but you can control your internal reaction – keep going and keep positive.


The ability and desire to understand and acknowledge others perspectives and points of view, enables you to broaden your own view and create deeper connections with those around you.

Be Patient

Stop expecting the world to be perfect… don’t get angry when it’s not! The patient person will understand that sometimes these things happen, it is not a life or death situation and that all will be well over a period of time. Leading in this way gives followers permission to be creative and innovative, as failure is not received with anger… Great leaders need innovation and creativity to achieve any vision worth chasing.

“The Secret to Living is Giving”

Tony Robbins


The reason for living is giving. The more of yourself (not money, but yourself) you give to helping and benefiting those around you, the more successful, happy and fulfilled you will feel.
Politeness – Just be nice… It is a good feeling and the nicer you are to people, the nicer you will find others are to you and the nicer the world will become!


Don’t take stuff or yourself too seriously and try to see the funny side… it has a similar side-effect to being nice… it feels good, others around you will feel good, the world will feel a better more fun place to be… It also demonstrates you are human… which for a follower, is a really important factor in choosing a leader!


The opposite of forgiving creates feelings such as anger, hatred, resentment and sadness… those feelings only hurt you. Now please understand this doesn’t mean you don’t deal with people and situations appropriately, just don’t let it linger inside of you. When it’s dealt with, move on… if you don’t it is like drinking poison and hoping your enemy will die! Don’t allow anyone or anything to have the power to make you hurt yourself. Forgiveness gives you permission to stop hurting yourself… stop it, life is tough enough as it is without you beating yourself up… It also gives your follower the opportunity to forgive themselves and move forward positively.



Dare to dream and dare to chase those dreams – the reason people stop chasing their dreams is because they are afraid to take a risk. The reality is we perceive these risks to be greater than they are… when we feel fear, that is a biological reaction to protect us from danger and death… most dreams don’t involve risking death, most dreams involve risking failure… don’t confuse death with failing… have the confidence to take a risk and chase a dream… when and if you fail, the great news is you didn’t die, so you can try again! The difference between the successful leaders and the average, is the successful keep on chasing and risking UNTIL THEY WIN. It doesn’t matter how many times they lose in-between, the game isn’t over until then win… the same can apply to you.

Your mum is the best leadership coach you ever had… Now use her advice and become the best leader you can be!

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