Why Your New Years Resolution SUCKS

In this video I share the reason why your new years resolutions currently have a 92% chance of failure and how hints on how you can significantly increase your success in 2016!

New years resolutions are made in the spirit of “should”… I should do this… I should do that… This will never be enough to see us through to the end goal… especially when we make our resolutions so big!

Avoid the feeling of failing a resolution… Make a new years ritual change instead.

We are a product of our routines… our daily rituals. Rather than making a resolution, commit to changing just one ritual. The commitment is small, but the results stack up over time!

Change a ritual in one or more of the following areas, to reap the rewards a new years resolution rarely does.

  1. Grow your mind – Can you spend 10 minutes a day learning?
  2. Improve your physiology РCan you drink more water?  Or eat more fruit and vegetables? Or go for a 10 minute walk every day?
  3. Ask better questions – Can you, every morning, ask yourself how you will make today successful, fun and full of joy?

Watch the video, please like and share – We can make 2016 spectacular!


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