Stop doing busy work, Start doing your life’s work

Do you have dreams? Do you have goals? Do you feel totally fulfilled? Are you absolutely successful?

Some people seem to have mastered this and created a life filled with joy, satisfaction and fulfilment. While others live with a life of pain or dissatisfaction and struggle.

It appears that only a few are truly successful and the majority of us miss the mark… So what stops us? What stops you?

Your results are the product of your personal focus or your personal distractions. The choice is yours.

John De Lemme

The Urgent

The factors in our life that seem to demand our attention… We go from one extreme to the other… either rushing around delivering on the urgent or doing nothing because we are so exhausted we need to “un-plug” and get away from our busy lives.

For example, the external demands of the jobs we do – all of those tasks, objectives and goals which will appear important, all of which appear to need our attention right now.

Then there are other distractions such as other people asking for your time, the phone ringing and so on…

All these things seem to need our attention NOW… all these things that seem so important they have to be done NOW… never ending, forever growing, a mountain of tasks, jobs, roles and things to do!

We spend all day climbing as hard as we can… because it all appears so important…

The Unimportant

No wonder when we do get time away from the mountain side, we “veg out” with the TV/games console/social media or we eat poorly or get away from it all by having a drink or three… we do whatever we do to escape the cliff-face of the mountain of tasks.

Here is the challenge we face… you know those dreams, goals and exceptional life thoughts you have? They are really important… However they don’t normally have deadlines, so never appear urgent.

Now let’s look at the mountains of tasks, jobs and roles that you have to overcome… They all appear really urgent… (how important they are depends on how closely they link to your dreams) They are in our faces and absolutely have deadlines!

And when we unplug? Well that’s just dead time… adding no value to attaining your dreams what so ever (unless your “dream” is to spend hours on facebook, dull your brain with TV or hurt your brain with intoxication)

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not preaching here… I have been in those places in my life before and I totally understand how we get ourselves there. At one point in my life I spent my time in the urgent zone, I was extremely busy, extremely tired, I smoked, I drank, I ate unhealthily and I spent my free time in front of Facebook!

The Important

There is a different way… Successful people have one major difference from the un-successful… FOCUS… they focus on their dreams with laser proficiency… and because they are focused on the important stuff, they take more action on achieving the important stuff… and because they are focused on the important rather than the urgent, they don’t have to “unplug” or “veg out” as making progress on the important things in life GIVES you energy, rather than takes it away!

What a deal… More focus = more opportunities = more action = more achievement = more energy!

Sounds simple… but we still have reality right? We can just stop doing our jobs, tasks and roles just because they don’t meet our dreams… we have bills to pay!

Agreed… that might be a bit much to ask you, to just drop everything to focus on your dreams.

However… could you spend more quality time on the important things in your life? More time progressing towards living your dreams?

Lets try to get some laser sharp focus right now; please consider the following…

Can you ever feel fulfilled if you spend your life in compromise?

For example, can you feel fulfilled if you give up quality time with your family in compromise for getting promoted?

Or do you think that when you get that bigger job with more money THEN you can make it up to your family THEN you will be fulfilled? Please don’t fall into that trap, it’s a dead end you don’t want to go down.

Success is a feeling… not a job… not a destination… not an amount of money… It is a feeling that you can create.


Focus, Focus, Focus

There are ways to start becoming more successful and fulfilled in the things that matter most to you, without having to give up the day job just yet!

Lets get some real focus on the important…

Please write down the answers to the following:

Write down the 3 most important things in your life. (Lots of people write down words health, security, family etc)

An example here could be Health.

Write down a clarifying statement… this should include what you want to achieve and how it will make you feel to achieve it. Write in the positive!

So… with fitness, the statement could be… ‘I must be fit enough to play football with my son. Being able to play football with my son will make me feel energised, loved and happy. As quality time with my children is the ultimate experience.’

Write down one action for each that you can do EVERYDAY of your life.

‘I will go for a 15 minute jog everyday’ – If this is done every day for 6 months, then obviously health levels will be increased!

Commit to doing the actions you wrote down everyday… I guarantee you will grow, you will be better, feel more successful and fulfilled than you ever could if you didn’t take any action at all…

Please don’t let your life disappear in the urgent and wasteful zones… live an exceptional life… Focus on the important things in your life. Don’t wait until tomorrow… Focus now!

Start small if you need to… just take action everyday… you will see amazing things happen to you and those dreams and desires you have!

You never know… It might build momentum… Imagine that… living an exceptional life!

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