Why Doesn’t Anyone Ever Feel Successful?

When we look deep inside ourselves, we all know we can live more, give more, love more… become more.

I believe that we have all been created to thrive, to enjoy every single moment of life, to push our potential and to succeed at life and leadership.

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We all have unbelievable potential, yet what surrounds us is struggle… I have spoken to thousands of people, over the last fifteen years, about their lives and the common stories are that they have done what they were supposed to do… some tell about getting a good education, working hard, being positive and progressing a career, others of providing for family, working hard, taking the pressure…

Yet most people still feel like something is missing, they feel empty inside, they feel detached. Even when people achieve what is deemed as success, they often still feel empty inside…

A great example is a gentleman I worked with whose self-made fortune was over a eighty million dollars, so fairly successful by most peoples standards, yet who felt he could be more… to the point of feeling depressed.

Success based on anything but internal fulfilment is bound to be empty.

Dr. Martha Friedman

Being successful does not guarantee fulfilment.

However being fulfilled does guarantee success!

The details of your story will be different, but if you still feel the same… if you question “is this it?”… or if you know that you could be more, then you believe what I believe…

That there is more, we can all become more, we can all live more, give more – We spend so much time chasing success, the success that we have been told is success… and we forget about fulfilment.

Here is the problem – We can chase success all we want, but no matter what we achieve we will never FEEL successful… That only comes when we feel fulfilled.

Fulfilment comes from working towards and achieving your dreams – From realising your potential with the work you were designed for. For your life’s work. Your purpose in life.

Living an exceptional life and becoming an illustrious leader is a fulfilling, exciting and powerful and will take you to the next level in your life… no matter where you are right now.


Not long ago, I experienced deep struggle… I understood my purpose, that everyone deserves the opportunity and support to reach their potential… but I followed a different route. I followed the popular route… I did what is socially seen as success… I secured a corporate job, worked hard and moved up the career ladder. I was paid an impressive salary and I became comfortable – I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t fulfilled… I was comfortable.

I stopped chasing my dreams, I stopped living my purpose… they were just dreams after all, they weren’t realistic… especially for a guy brought up, in the most part, in a one parent family, living on the bread-line. How could I live my dreams? I didn’t deserve it… people like me didn’t do that… I was lucky to get as far as I did in the corporate world.

I got comfortable – deep down I knew something was missing, but I never looked deep down… I never paid myself attention… after all everyone around me said I was successful.

Here is the problem… when something is missing in your life, you have to fill it with something else. What you fill it with is different for everyone, but is never what you need… I filled the gap in my life with a mixture of things… Cigarettes, 30 a day at my worst… Alcohol, embarrassingly over 1 litre of whiskey a week… Food, eating take-out food most days, without exercise.

All this to block out what was missing in my life… my purpose.
As you can tell, I was a mess… 3 stone over-weight, feeling numb and probably walking straight towards a heart attack. Yet everyone around me thought I was successful.

Most people have something missing in their lives – yet in todays society it’s not acceptable to admit it… we get all weird about it. Just because we don’t admit it, it doesn’t mean it is not present. This produces stress, anxiety and depression because we can’t switch off, we can’t enjoy things fully, we block out what is missing… we fill the gap with poor substitutes, like I did…

What are you filling your gap with? Food? Drink? Smoking? Gambling? TV? Internet? Distractions? Work? Emails? Outside demands? Something else?
We can’t rely on any of this stuff to become fulfilled – It just helps us ‘escape’ from it all for a little while… but we can’t escape our way to fulfilment, we can’t escape our way to joy, we can’t escape our way to living an exceptional life.

There is another way… and it is as simple as giving yourself time and space… by making a choice… the choice to be the person you were born to be, the choice to live your purpose, to be more, to give more, to love more and to add more.


If you are ready to make that choice to become who you deserve to be… Then I want to offer you my support.

I have dedicated the last 15 years formulating how the most successful people in the world are seemingly more able to make that choice and follow through… and I want to share it with you.

Living your exceptional life is available to you… a life filled with joy, energy, zip, zest, love and your life work… it’s within your grasp and your capabilities.. You already have the ability, all you need is to understand how to do the right things, in the right order, consistently.

The benefits are amazing… it will take you to the next level in your life, no matter where you are right now!

I will share what changed my life – this is beyond philosophy… this is the actual mechanics and strategies that make a real and tangible difference.

I have been through the tough times, and now I have lost all the excess weight, I no longer smoke or drink and live a healthy life-style… I also contribute more, via my blog, live training courses, key note speaking and high performance coaching… I am living my purpose, yet I am no different from you… If I can do it, you can too… You deserve too.

Why doesn’t anyone ever feel successful? Because most people don’t choose to chase their dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Anyone Ever Feel Successful?

  1. Great post Dax! I believe that following your purpose, your passion and your dreams is the single most important thing you can do in your life. Of course, fulfilment is specific to the individual, what is a life if it’s not spent doing what you love? Thanks for sharing mate!

    Feel free to check out my page, I think you’ll enjoy…


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