Smash Your Problems Right Now!

Have you ever had a problem?

Do you have a problem in your life right now?

Problems are a part of life – no matter how focused you are. No matter how great your attitude is, how fantastic your plan is, how amazing your life is, how sexycool you are – we all have problems in some part of our life.

“we can’t solve problems by using the same

thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

What is even better (or worse, depending on your perspective) is that we NEED problems in our life too!

How boring would life be if everything was predictable and in control… no challenge ever… Now that sounds good for a short time, but what about after a month… after a year… after a decade… no challenge, no stimulus, no sense of achievement, no life…

Problems keep us active, keep us focused, give us opportunities to grow and once overcome… give us that great feeling of joy and achievement.

Problems are here to stay… they will pop into your life with and without warning. The bottom line is it is our reaction that counts.

The title of this post made a promise… a promise that we will smash some of your problems right now.

Lets get to it…

Firstly, stick to this one rule and it will change your life:

When dealing with a problem spend 20% of time thinking about the issue and the remaining 80% of time working and acting on the solution!

Identify the problem quickly, then focus on how to solve it quickly and in a fun way rather than the normal reaction of spending loads of time feeling hurt, frustrated, angry… stop focusing on the pointless such as “why does this always happen to me?” Or “its not fair”… Or “It was his fault”

Me, you, all of us are brilliant individuals… Our brains are amazing and smart enough to find the right solution and way forward as long as we ask ourselves the right questions! As long as we focus on the right things!

If you spend all your time focusing on the problem and the injustice it brings, your brain won’t work out the solution, because you are not asking your brain for a solution!

But we smash a problem or two, consider the following when being faced with problems.

  1. Find other people who have had and overcome similar problems… You don’t have to come up with a new and exciting way of solving your issue. Find someone who has overcome a similar challenge and copy it!
  2. When problems come it is easy to feel shocked and overwhelmed – what you have to understand and teach yourself (practice makes perfect) is that these feelings are painful and that the feelings that come after are also painful. Pain on top of pain… nobody wants that… when these feelings come understand what they are and move away from this focus, to a solution based focus.
  3. When you have solved a problem, you get a great feeling… joy, happiness, power… Solving a problem will give you all these great feelings. What you have to try to do is condition yourself to understand and believe this simple truth. Solving problems gives massive positive feelings, so solving problems is fun and good!


Right then… let’s solve a problem in your life…

First of all write down a problem in your life. Be specific. Don’t go overboard and exaggerate… tell it how it is not how you imagine it.

Now answer the following questions… give them some serious thought, be in the moment and write down the answers.

  1. What is great about this?
  2. What is not perfect at the moment?
  3. What action am I willing to do to make this the way I want it?
  4. How can I do what is needed to get this problem solved and enjoy the process?

Hopefully you have completed the task… If you have, you should have some ideas about your next steps to solving the issue and feel pretty good about taking those actions!

These questions have been taken from some of Tony Robbins work – an inspiration of mine – who believes that we all have the power to enjoy whatever we do, even problem solving, just by asking ourselves better questions – these questions have helped me through the most difficult problems in my life.


Will you allow them to do the same for you?

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