Set Goals like a Hero!

Oh no… another person talking about goal setting… We know it all, right?

We know goals should be written down, we know they should be written in the positive, we know they should be reviewed on a regular basis… managers, leaders, companies and bloggers talk about goal setting all the time. It can get a bit boring and we are all familiar with it…

However, if we fall into this mind-set, if we take goal setting for granted… we can lose something powerful, something life changing, a catalyst that can shape who we can become.

If you can get excited each and every day about your goals… if you are inspired enough to take action everyday to move closer to your dreams… Then that is something we should never take for granted.

The fact of the matter is we all have goals. The problem most of us face, is the fact our goals are a bit rubbish… They are not written down, they don’t compel us into action, they don’t inspire… In fact the goals that a lot of people write down, are the performance goals of the company they work for!

That effectively means the goals, lots of us work towards, aren’t even ours… no wonder we take goals for granted… no wonder we don’t get inspired.

This needs to change… if we don’t have goals that inspire or goals that are ours – how can we possibly attain what we want in life?

Do you want to change? Want to have goals that stick and drive you to act everyday? Rather than talk about the theory, lets have a go right now… Please get a pen and paper and spend as much time as you need on each of the next 3 sections.

Your goal

THIS HAS TO BE VERY SPECIFIC… don’t write general statements like “I want more money” or “I want to lose weight”… this is not compelling… write SPECIFICALLY what you want. Go into as much detail as possible, with time-frames and milestones included.

Also make it BIG, make it inspirational; make your goals what you dream of… Make it exciting!
You are the creator of your life. Your potential to achieve sensational things is within you now… Don’t limit yourself with tiny goals… be the person you want to be. The person you have to be… not the person who others say you are.


Your Purpose

Now write down WHY you want this goal… be absolutely clear on this and wax lyrical about why this goal will change your life. Purpose is more powerful than the outcome… step one of writing the goal was the outcome… now write the purpose.

Who will you become when your goal is delivered?

What will it make of you?

How will it benefit your loved ones?

How will it benefit the world around you?

How will you feel?

What will you look like?

How much abundance will be in your life?

Doing this will make your goals compelling, will give purpose and it keeps you on track… gives you a reason to act everyday.

If you really put great thought and detail into this, then you will probably notice that you will be a better, happier and more fulfilled person once you reach your goals… Hopefully you will notice a difference between your life now and your future life when your dreams have come true… Hopefully this will make you feel uncomfortable about your life now… and make you excited about the bright lights of your exceptional future… this is the key to making your goals alive… to making your goals a reality.

Which brings us onto step 3…

Take action

Yes its that simple. Understanding what you want and why you want it, gives you the intellectual and emotional energy to start taking action… If you don’t feel this, then do steps 1 and 2 again until it gets to the point where you HAVE to make your goals happen.

Now write down an action that you can do now…right now… Make that call, send that email, research that course, book that meeting… do something now!

Write down one more action that you can complete by the end of the week… It doesn’t have to be massive, just something that will move you in the right direction.

Then you will have momentum and be that much closer to work out HOW you will make your goals a reality.

The bottom line is you have the capability in you already, you have the resourcefulness, you have the ability… All any of us need is the reason to take the action, the reason to reach our potential. Now you have it… If you need more support with step 3… We will dig deeper in future posts or if you can’t wait, contact me for more information.

A final point… which will accelerate your progress… Keep your goals and your purpose in focus. The more you keep these in the forefront of your mind, the more you will see opportunities to progress, the more you will find yourself taking action, the more you will figure out your next steps…

Something as simple as putting your goals and purpose on a wall in your home and reading them every morning will boost your energy, enthusiasm and progress in reaching your goals.

The most successful people in the world write down their life goals everyday… Can you find the time to read yours?

It will make a massive difference…

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