Is the Law of Attraction Real?

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On the bookshelves of any respectable self-help or personal development section are books about the law of attraction… such books as “the secret” and “ask & it is given” are particularly popular titles on this subject…The law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that happened with you was attracted by you… in its simplest terms it is the theory that whatever you focus on in life is what you will attract into your life…

So let’s be clear… By focusing on what you want, in a positive way, it will attract what you want into your life….

AND if you focus on what you don’t want, you will still attract that focus is into your life…


A simple example would be…

If my focus was “I must be rich and financially independent” I will attract those beneficial qualities to your life.

However, if I focused on “I don’t want to poor and financially crippled” I would attract those more challenging aspects into your life.

There are really only three basic steps: ask, believe, and receive… Now I have simplified it… however those are the crucial principles.

That sounds like positive thinking has gone into hyper-drive right???

So is the power of attraction true? Can it be that easy? If so, why isn’t everyone doing it???

My belief is… this is a “yes” and “no” answer… I can hear you now… “Thanks for clearing that up!”

Well lets have a look at both sides and you can make your own mind up…

So YES it is true… To live an exceptional life it all starts with a vision… it starts with a purpose… it starts with a focus… so in this sense the power of attraction is a starting point to living an exceptional life.

Let try to prove it is true.. YES… Lets play a game to try and explain…

For the next 15 seconds look around the room/area you are in and try to spot as many RED coloured things as you can, then look back at the screen…

Done it..?

How many BLUE things did you notice?

You focused on RED, you noticed more red, more red came into your life and the other colours in the room retracted from your life.

Let’s try to prove the opposite… For the next 15 seconds look around again and DO NOT notice anything coloured BROWN…

Done that..?

Did you notice a lot of BROWN things… unless you are somewhere with no brown objects, my bet is yes!

If you focus on anything… in either in a positive or negative way… with all of your intellectual, emotional and physical power you will absolutely have more chance of noticing it, of getting it… Focus on red, see lots of red… Focus on not seeing brown, see lots of brown!

The power of attraction will allow you to see more of what you are focused on and have more opportunities to realise your focus… because that is were you place your attention, just like in our game.

I said the power of attraction was a YES and NO answer…


So what about the… NO?

The power of focusing on what you want will give you more chance of achieving your desires and allow you to see more opportunities to get your focus area, BUT (and here is the kicker) Just thinking positively is not enough… Its nice and it is absolutely a part of creating your future… but what is needed is ACTION!

A vision without action is nothing… A purpose without action is nothing… A positive focus without action is nothing… The power of attraction without action… its called daydreaming!

Action on your focus is critical… Take action… huge action… towards your focus… Keep on taking action, If something doesn’t work, adapt and take even more action… Keep on pushing, find a way.

If you absolutely believe that what you are focusing on HAS to happen rather than being a nice thing that might happen… Then imagine your future as it will be, make it big, make it bright, make it positive and make it bold… Make it your lifelong focus… Then take huge, decisive, powerful action!

The power of attraction is true… If you back it up…

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4 thoughts on “Is the Law of Attraction Real?

  1. It definately is real and anyone saying the opposite are problably caught in their own thoughts and emotions. People get caught up with the notion of its phraseing. I do not know how to verbalize it better myself though.

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