What are the moments that make us change?

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Most first blogs will incorporate an overview of the subject matter in future posts and then share why they are a person who is credible about said subject matter.

Not mine… If you want that, hit the “ABOUT” link and you will find all you need to know about that…

This post is about finding out… “What is the moment that triggers most of us to take the action needed to achieve something in our lives?”

I’m not talking about basic things… I’m talking about the BIG THINGS… Think about your life when you achieved something brilliant, something against the odds, something, that at the time, you didn’t even know how you were going to do it, but where so motivated you found a way..

Most people will tell stories of things like giving up smoking, losing weight, getting a promotion etc… You will have your story too. You see we are all capable of amazing things, when we have the absolute focus and drive to do it.

So, what was the trigger? What was the moment that it HAD to change?

At the most basic level it’s either to avoid pain or gain pleasure or as Tony Robbins, the stimulus for this particular post says… “Either inspiration or desperation”

To that end then, for those who lose weight, the pain of feeling over-weight becomes too much to cope with and it becomes a “enough is enough” situation


The pleasure of how great they will feel, how attractive they will be becomes so vivid and inspirational that it becomes “I MUST have that” situation


Most commonly it is a little of both pain and pleasure!

In my life the times when I have taken massive action have, in the most part, been linked to pain… Pain that I could have avoided if I’d of created sufficient motivation before the pain occurred!

A good example was during my first Management role in the retail sector… I delivered some decent results and thought I was progressive nicely… In the town where I worked there were 2 stores of the same brand and the company decided to close one of the stores. To cut a long story short, I was classed as the second best manager out of the 2 managers and was made redundant.

This of course created massive pain in my life… I was second best, I felt a failure, my security had gone, my career had gone and so had my confidence. I can still remember the shock, the tears and the anger in that little back office in a retail store in Blackpool, when I was told the news.

Once I had got over the first wave of emotions and stopped blaming everybody else… which took longer than I would like to admit… my focus became to intensify my own development, to learn more, practice more and to never leave my growth in the hands of anyone else, let alone a corporate company.

I took huge action… lots of it… adapted it… learnt from it…  and within a year I was promoted to a significantly more senior role within the same company.

I changed my life… but I had to wait for pain to happen to me first!

How about you? Those moments you did the spectacular… was the motivation created by you or was it an external stimulus?

Now have a think about your dreams… the person you want to be… the leader you want to be…

Are you taking massive action to get that??? Life or death action?

4 or 5% of you will say “yes” to that last question… Great work, keep it going and get in touch… It’s always good to share the magic!

For the rest of us, here is the deal… You are capable of amazing things… you will already have a story or 2 where you took great action and achieved something cool… something you are proud of.

So if we all already have the capability… what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for some big event to cause enough pain to take the action?

Or are you waiting for some even bigger event to come along and inspire you enough to be motivated to do what it takes?

What if we could create that desire to act without having to rely on external forces? What if we could train ourselves to get the motivation to take the action needed to secure our dreams? To be the leader of our dreams?

We can…

There are so many ways to do this, but for now lets play one game to get us started and then we can explore further in future posts…

The game…

Pick an area of your life you would like to change (just one, write it down and rate out of 10 how motivated you are to take action now to make that change)

Now I would like you to think about what will happen if you DONT change… and write down the answers to the following questions… and lay the consequences on thick…

If I don’t take action… In 5 yrs time…

  1. How will I feel about this area in my life?
  2. Is the change needed so big now it seems impossible?
  3. How do you look, with all the baggage of stagnation around you?
  4. How are your relationships… better or worse with no change?
  5. How is your career? Have you progressed without making the required change?
  6. How successful do you feel?

I know, if done properly, that is a tough exercise to do… But if done properly, I would like to ask a few questions…

How much desire do you have now to make the change?

Out of 10… how motivated are you to make the change now?

You should now feel a greater desire than before to take action… You probably are quite motivated to make sure that version of the 5yr you doesn’t happen!

You have just started to train yourself to be more motivated than before… to train yourself to take real, tangible actions on the areas you now must change.

And you did it by asking some questions… no real pain, no external event, no promise of huge pleasure… Just asking yourself some better questions.

What if we could create that desire to act without having to rely on external forces? What if we could train ourselves to get the motivation to take the action needed to secure our dreams? To be the leader of our dreams?

You just did…

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